Sunday, December 30, 2012

"If you don't like it, don't look at it"

The philosophy "If you don't like it, don't look at it". Is one of the dumbest philosophies that I have heard in a very long time.

Basically, those who follow this bullshit say that if you don't like or agree with something, you should ignore it or don't look at it. Well then, isn't that a "sunshine state" philosophy?

So hypothetically if they were to follow their own advice and lets say they make some art and someone criticized it. They would just not listen to them, now imagine if a government were to take this philosophy and enact it as policy, nothing would get achieved would it? The government would simply not listen to criticisms and would rule in a recklessly authoritarian way.

It also gives ignorant morons the excuse to be arrogant and be blissfully unaware of their painfully obvious faults.

I bring this up because on many occasions have those that I argued with told me this and others as well, and it is just so fucking stupid. I mean what is the reasoning behind this? Its like that "after school special" logic that tells you to ignore the bully and he'll "go away". I'm fairly certain that a good amount of people reading this post can attest that this is more often than not, not the case.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Beastiality Banned in Germany

Recently German lawmakers have passed a new law that will make beastiality, which is sex with animals, illegal. Now I must congratulate the German Nation in stepping forward and banning this disgusting act, and in so making the world a better place. However it would be noted that other nations in our world need to take this and many more steps before sick offenses like these are treated as crimes, like they rightly should be.

And what caused such a move by the Bundestag you may ask? Well in 1969 animal protection laws were relaxed and "sex with animals" was removed as a form of abuse. But what happened after that? Porn, brothels, and even animal prostitution became common practice among the nation's 100,000 zoophilic fiends.

But I must again express my joy that this measure has been introduced into this nation and that these disgusting practices will become a thing of the past.

What of the zoophiles you may ask? Well in an interview by Russia Today which also includes the bulk of information that I have presented and is my source, save for my opinion of course; the zoophiles complained about being "persecuted" and even hinted at Germany's Nazi past and implied that such events would happen to them... don't get my hopes up. Oh and they also complained that people threatened to take their dogs away and castrate them, that punishment would be too good for these fiends however the dogs would be safe.

They claimed that sex with them is love, which is bullshit, sex is an expression of love and you do not need to have sex with someone/something in order to show your love. Would they do that to their friends or family? quite probable, being that they are possibly emotionally dead and what they think is "love" is just the sick thrill they get from violating a defenseless creature, much like a pedophile.

Video courtesy of Russia Today, I own nothing.

A Grand Victory over the "True Humans"

The operation that brought down the "True Humans" spanned several days and was carried out by members of the Death 2 Failures Coalition(D2FC) and Niggest Crook Force(NCF). The details shall remain confidential  but resulted in the eradication of the "True Humans". Which was "lead" by a "pro-clopper" brony known as RSTgr8, a.k.a "Clopperking"/"Clopperpride". The group consisted mostly of "furfags" and "ponyfags" that claimed to be "victims of trolls". However in a recruitment video posted by one of the "leader's" alternate accounts he claims that all "real humans, troll victims, and remorsed trolls are welcome". The irony in this is that none of those people are a part of the "True Humans", and is obviously a "I'm normal and you're not" propaganda tactic.

Now that the group has been terminated, the 2 "Clopper" accounts have been deleted and the leader officially closed down the group and all images, backgrounds, videos, thumbnails, etc. have been removed and members of the D2FC and NCF are wiping out the remaining members of the TH.

And of course victory video courtesy of D2FC:

An incident that occurred before said operation involved one of my alts sending a PM to RSTgr8 which then resulted in this (see video)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Dog murdered by Furry Wolf Cult

A while back I stumbled across a news story about an individual that goes by the name of "Wolfie Blackheart". As you may have guessed that is not her real name, but her mild insanity is not the subject of this post. No, an even worse and more unfortunate event has come to pass, she essentially murdered a dog. Now this was not some vicious rabies infested Doberman or pit bull. This was a sweet innocent mutt, that was murdered then had his head chopped off by a sadistic bitch that thinks she's a wolf.

Her side of the story is of course bullshit, she says that her friend found the dog then he got hit by a car and for some reason she gave the body to Wolfie for "taxidermy" which is remotely believable. That is until you factor in this is just one of several versions of this story as well as the entire concept of chopping off a dead dogs head that you supposedly "loved" and "respected". And to add onto this, it was not the first charge of animal mutilation or neglect brought against this fiend. Oh and I nearly forgot to mention that there is a photo that she posted on the Internet of her blood soaked hand outstretched in front of her kitchen with Rigsby's head in it. Yes she claims innocence and that she has done nothing wrong and she posts a picture of a dogs severed head on the web. Bloody ironic ain't it?

And to add onto this perverts list of atrocities upon further investigation by police, she was found to have child pornography in her email. Of course she denied knowing anything about it and claimed it was sent by vengeful "internet people" but the thing is many of the images were of her friends and some were reportedly to do with "animalistic sexual interests", of course I do not know what this could entail but it leaves to the imagination.

Also someone believed to be the dog's owner created a youtube channel and a website dedicated to the lost dog and the hope that he would one day receive justice.
Link to Youtube Channel
Unfortunately the websites domain has expired.
Also there is a petition to request justice for rigsby, and unfortunately it has since closed.

And if you're interested here is a link to the fiend's youtube channel:  Channel
Please notice how her icon is her dressed as a emo wolf slut, no shame it seems...

Also with every psycho on the news these days there has to be an occult following saying "oh why don't u leave her alone she didn't do anything" no matter how hard the evidence smacks them in the face or how insane the person is. But hey don't let me just quote them let them speak for themselves.....

Link to both images orgin.
"Wolf girl" Are you fucking crazy? Also "u have no proof" you mean other than the crazy bitch holding the animal's severed head or admitting to cutting it off? "wolf law" Wow, didn't know animals could have laws. What a wing nut.

Wow, love how people that supposedly "love and protect animals" go absolute batshit when one of their cult idols is convicted of breaking one of their "sacred laws". Also notice how "nice" she is being to the dogs owner. "$10 says you've hurt more animals than Wolfie will in her entire lifetime!" And to make this statement especially ironic I will leave you with an image of Wolfie chewing on a deer's disembodied leg with hoof and fur still attached.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Delicious Irony

In this post is a video and in the video a furry tries to defend his kind, but this is not the typically pathetic furfag rant, oh no, he has to go the extra mile and bash Arabs, calling them "ragheads" and blaming them for 9/11. A very nice dose of irony due to him whining about intolerance against furries at the beginning of the video, and then being an all out racist prick later on. Enjoy.

Monday, August 6, 2012

A message to the Bronies.

Hello, I want to make my position clear on you "people". I do not hate MLP, I do not hate ponies. In fact I think the show is cute and adorable and yadda yadda. But what I do hate is that all these faggots make porn out of a kids show and enjoy it, it is like pedophilia and bestiality rolled into one. And I also hate those that "love and tolerate" it. Bronies whine about having a bad rep. Alright guys, so you don't want a bad rep, but you don't want to do any work to get rid of the things that give you a bad rep? Oh ya and calling me a "nazi pony" for hating on pedophile supporters doesn't help your cause either. There's a reason you guys have a bad reputation and being a bunch of lazy whiners doesn't help you either.

Note: Will most likely add onto this post.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Furries Exposed

Howard Stern exposes furries and Wolfie interviews furries at furcon: 

inb4 raging paranoids/conspiracy nuts

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Scum of the Earth

Hello everyone I usually do not directly talk about my exploits and arguments on youtube, but today I will make an exception. I have spent a good part of the last 2 days arguing with some of the dumbest pieces of subhuman trash on this earth. Do you want to know why they are deserving of this title? Well I'll tell you! They have jumped down my throat for being "an ignorant hater" because I HAVE BEEN HATING. But on guess who? huh? (oh I bet the anticipation is killing you). I have been hating on people that think it is perfectly normal to have rape and pedophillic fantasies about My Little Pony. Now don't be shy..... go ahead and hate on this post, I really want you to show yourselves for the scum that you are. I am legitimately disgusted by you scum sucking filth and contrary to what many say I hope you're proud. Because then it will be all the easier to spot your sick festering perversions and avoid them. No DON'T FEEL SHAME, show the world that you take pride in being a sick fuck. And those of you who "love and tolerate" them are no better, you let their disease fester but deny having it yourselves. Which is completely normal, if I was closet scum I would want some company too.

But I REALLY want to know why I have been called a "nazi pony" for telling those that would listen to my words of advice not to go near the scum of the fucking earth.

Oh and another note to the "Bronies" I don't hate your goddamn show. I could give a flying fuck if it is "girly". I am just sick of you letting such scumsucking filth into your fandom. I mean one side of your mouth you preach the "philosophy" of the show like the bible. Yet you allow these sick fucks to fantasize about rape and god knows what else about the characters. You bash me "for getting upset about something that isn't real" yet you rage and whine over people making fun of and not liking your freaking cartoon. For the love of god get some help.

And I want to make a case for the haters as well, now you like MLP don't you bronies? And the things you like and your interests are apart of who you are, correct? So they hate you for who you are and not what you are. Get it?

Monday, July 23, 2012

A reiteration of why bronies are not furries and why furries want to absorb them. As well as my first encounter with a "brony".

Earlier I made a post on why bronies are not furries and I would like to reiterate that point as well as tell you why the furries are so desperate to associate themselves with and absorb the "bronies".

First off, the bronies are a fandom based around MLP, while the furries are a fandom based around basically anything anthropomorphic. However, the ponies from MLP can be considered anthropomorphic, but they are for the most part just cartoon ponies. And many consider them "anthropomorphicized" only when they have the ability to stand upright have human arms, legs, etc.
Second, the furries are by definition, a fandom that is based around anthropomorphic animals. And bronies are a fandom based around a television show. So bronies are in fact NOT furries.
And by accepting that definition of furry you acknowledge the fandoms are based around different things.

Now furries want to absorb and cling on to this new phenomenon primarily due to the 'aurora of innocence' surrounding it. Would you expect a group of people that play with toy ponies to be guilty of any perversions?
I would, but then that's just me. In addition to this, about a week ago I stumbled across a furfag/brony's channel on youtube and he had a link to his deviantart page, being bored I clicked on it and OMGWTFISTHIS he had his favorites literally full of mlp and furfag porn (but thank god most of it was blocked out due to content filter). So I, confident that this screen of protection shall shield me from further eye strain, decided to find out who made these abominations. And guess what? The creators of this "art" are all furries, big surprise huh? Well to be quite honest all of the 'bad' bronies I encountered are furries or are at least affiliated with furries and they repeatedly insist that bronies are furries as if to cover the reason why they are involved in something 'unfurry'.

The first time I heard of bronies was june of 2011, I was trolling some furfags on youtube and some whiny brat called lordjapdaas or something like that tried the old "oh I used to hate furries like you but then I became a brony and started this love and tolerance bullshit". I didn't give a fuck about him being a brony but him getting in my way and spewing bullshit and being a typical moron by calling me and my comrades nazis for trolling furfags and other scum was a problem for me. But during the entire engagement he kept saying and talking about "love and tolerance". And boy was he full of shit, he made a sock account called "IAMYOFATMOMMA" and started spamming racial slurs as well as random insults along with saying stuff along the lines of "I LIKE TO FUCK MAH DOG". Yes, very "loving and tolerant."

Why I "hate" furries.

 Many of you, either on this blog or on youtube ask "why do you hate furries" and today I will answer that.

First off I "hate" them due to those within the "fandom" that make the porn, fuck animals, and do all that other generic furfag shit.

Then once the furries were exposed for this (back in 09 is when the shit hit the fan), those that were "friends" with the "furfags" aka the "non-perverted furries" abandoned and turned against their former "friends". The problem I have with this is that they abandoned their "friends" in exchange for protection from the "bullies" and "trolls". And to add onto that as soon as the "trolls" left the little worms go back to their friend(s) as if nothing happened or they act like they spied on the anti-furries/trolls or were just joking and "trolling" them in the 'friendly' sense (this continues to this day). You people try to act friendly and such good people toward others yet you do things such as this? You're not good people you can take those half-assed "kind words" and shove 'em where the sun don't shine.
Another point I want to make off of this, is that while they were apart of the "fandom" they didn't see anything wrong (or at least they didn't say or do anything about it) with the fursuiters, the yiffers, the zoophiles, and the like. And they treated their little "fandom" as an entire group of furries, without divisions and seemingly without conflict.
These labels of "furvert", "furfag", and "zoophile" came after the discovery of the sickness of the furfags.
But now I hear, "I'm NOT LIKE THOSE SICK furfags/furverts/etc." or "I see where you're coming from I understand that there are a lot of bad furries but I'm a good one". Yet, they are "friends" with the sickos they claim to hate or are even ones themselves.
Another thing that I severely dislike about them is that they claim not to be sexually attracted to animals yet they are basically obsessed with them. They make furry porn yet they claim not to be attracted to animals. Are they not just diluting animal porn to make it more explainable to others and to lighten the load on their conscience? Or are they so simple minded that anything with a vagina/huge breasts/penis/muscles gets them off?

Another reason why I hate them is because they act like anything they do that is furry is cool. OH lets make this furry, lets make THAT furry, etc. Then they run around in an animal costume on the internet like its cool; while not doing it in public because they know they will get treated like shit for acting like idiots. And the funny thing is, IF they do it in public people laugh at them and the furfags still think its cool despite looking like morons.

I hate zoophiles for obvious reasons.

I hate the generic furfag. Symptoms of this include but are not limited to:
-Acting like everyone that hates/dislikes furries is a nazi/racist/kkk/etc.
-Wanting/having a fursuit.
-Sexually Interested in animals (furries count)
-Having a fursona.
-Associating with the above.

I would also like to point out the absolute bullshit in the "argument" that furries say they are "unfairly judged"
Know what? God forbid people be judged by their actions and how they dress and act, it is their choice to do such things and I can treat them by who they are rather than what they are and what they achieve.

Added 8/13/2012

I would like to also point out that furries willingly and voluntarily belong to this "fandom", they are not born or forced into it(for the most part). They will whine and complain about being "fursecuted", yet they willingly and voluntarily belong to a fandom know for perversions and severe stupidity. And when asked "why don't you do anything about it?" they say its impossible to stop it, yet they don't even try. The same goes for Bronies, and basically every other well hated "sub culture" out there.

Furry/Brony Conspiracy theories.

Update: I have changed the title of this post to reflect the new content I have added to it.

Here's something that I just find hilarious, furry conspiracy theories. No, not conspiracies involving furries but crazy rantings by furries about the many ways that trolls and society in general try to "fursecute" them.

One fine example of these mad rantings is that many think that many zoophiles (animalfuckers) are trolls in disguise or just trolls. I didn't really pay attention past the point they started talking about trolls being in some secret plot to slander furries. HA, there is no need to slander when facts are enough to expose their foolishness.

Another is evident in this video:

1: "Don't listen to tyra, she was wrong when she said that. Fursuits can cost up to $1000." 
Oh my fucking god, what the hell does the cost have to do with it? There are literally thousands of pictures and videos of furfags doing shit that would ruin their precious animal costumes and you try to say that they wouldn't ruin them for this one thing? What the hell are you smoking?

2: "chew fox explained what a furry is very well."
So I am to assume that the fat chick is "chew fox"? Okey dockey then, if she did such a damn good job explaining what furries are why did you basically contradict her earlier? She said 'they wear the costumes' so would not just wearing these masses of fur covered rubber ruin them?

3: Tyra: "Do you have sex when you have the costume on?" Chelsey: "yes"
Do I need to even say anything?

4: Tyra: "Some people say this is like bestiality" 
Actually it is just a diluted form of it, they feel that giving them human qualities makes it more acceptable.

5: Furry Wedding:
So I guess the marriage certificate is going to read Mr Tom Cat and Mrs Chew Fox?
You people are just insane....

So how did this video come to be.
1. Furry goes on tv. Makes furries look bad.
2. Furries bawww and bitch.
3. Furry cries fursecution/lies etc.
4. Video


There are also a good number of furries bitching and moaning about how furries making themselves look like idiotic perverts is just an evil conspiracy to make them look bad, LOL.

As evident in THIS video (and the comments):

Yes, I realize the video is hidden now, will be looking for a Mirror or another to replace it....

To be honest the video is more like an independent "documentary" about furries. The conspiracy theories and crazy rants are in the comments. 
They range from whining how the chick admitting she fucked an animal is an audio trick to how stupid the guys "furry" name is. But really, Dingleberries the lion is a stupid and unbelievable name but Chew Fox and Tom Cat aren't? Really wtf.
And in addition to that some whackjob was bitching about how the furries dry humping each other was CG.
Just.....just...insane... we REALLY need to reopen the mental institutions.

Added: 8/13/2012
Now for the Bronies.

I have also taken note of the bronies, much like the furries, have been blaming their "negative publicity" on "trolls". Alright, now I must point out that some bronies post borderline ponyporn on sites like Know your meme and Youtube. And then they have the gusto to blame trolls for it. But wait? Who MADE these images? Who POSTED them? Trolls? No? Oh that's right, bronies did, but hell why accept responsibility when you can blame others?

Another thing I would like to mention is that I have browsed the MLP gallery on KYM and what I find very interesting is that no one seems to find any problems or speak out against the "porn", oh I'm sorry, I mean the "borderline porn". But they throw an absolute bitch fit the second politics is involved.

Examples are as follows:
"Borderline porn":
"Borderline porn":

Note: This is an ongoing post and I will most likely add onto it.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A furry commits suicide.

I would like to draw attention to a once little known furfag that goes by the name of Alex English, he apparently committed suicide "June 26 at 6:00 am sharp".

Too bad it was just a ploy for attention. You heard it here folks a furfag faked suicide to try to get attention and pity from those around him. But why would he do such a thing you might ask? Because he has been "picked on" by "cyber bullies". HA, and I'll tell you why, well for one he admitted to "clopping"(masturbating) to pictures of My Little Pony. Secondly, one of the many, many, MANY, pornographic images in his deviantart favorites was of um 'young ponies'. So you do the math. Anyway back to the fake suicide, which if I must say is a disgusting and terrible thing to do. This is just another fine example of the mentally corrupt whackjobs in the furry fandom.

Video courtesy of jic333 on youtube, who is now banned. RIP

Friday, February 10, 2012

Examining a furry: Hidridking93 (real name unknown)

Note: In videos 6 and 7 he drops his dox.
If you are going to actually watch any of these videos watch those two.

Hidridking93 is a certifiable lunatic, a typical furry. You'll notice he mentions he's a "christian" in many of the videos, like many of those that would use religion as a shield to disguise and justify their perversions; akin to the pedophile prophets that run Wako style cults. (Have had problems with embedding them, I apologize.)

1.  : Talks about his old account (superjazzatron) getting hacked and complains about it while continually saying 'you'll go to hell, you'll burn in hell' etc.
On a side note, the person who hacked his old account was kind enough to let some of his search results loose.
Take a note at what he was looking for and this will affirm the perversion of this sick individual:

2.   : Again talks about his account has been hacked, and complains about his videos being "stolen" despite only one of "his" videos being uploaded to that channel.

3. : Talks about fireworks, and other things I couldn't care enough about to mention.

4.  : Spends a good minute listening to some inaudible music, then talks about a 'furry' show he basically worships. Then talks about uploading a video he basically put no work into himself. He then complains about being trolled and makes a pathetic attempt at ranting while using his "girlfriend is in a gang" as a response to some of the cruel but true comments he's been getting.

5.  : Brace your ears, he blasts a loud rock song while mumbling in the background for the first half of the video. Then talks about how "Christian" he is, despite being a self-proclaimed "bisexual" and being caught without his bible (which he DEFINITIVELY reads). Then 'defends' himself against homosexual-bisexual stereotypes . After that, he lists all the ways you can go to hell, then admits to doing some of the very things he says condemns you to hell. So, IS he going to hell? That's for god to decide.

6.  : He starts out in his den of darkness then flips on the light to reveal a poorly lit and small room. He then shows off his terrible artwork, and brags about playing guitar hero. Finally, he shows off little gadgets he wastes his money on instead of living in a REAL house.

7.  : MY PERSONAL FAVORITE. In this video he claims to be a vampire and threatens to drinks peoples' blood. He also flings insults at 'trolls' despite whining in earlier videos about himself getting insulted. A typical moron that thinks because someone doesn't like them or their fucked up lifestyle, they're a "troll" and full of hate, along with all those other insults. He then tries to akin Disney characters and Mascots to furries, and claims 'without furries there would not be any childrens' shows or any Disney Land'. He then tells of how he and other furries will 'kick the shit' out of people that don't like furries "just to see the pain in your eyes when I do it." Not very Christian-like or peaceful, is he?
He then re-affirms his first threat that he will "bite you" (trolls, I'm guessing). He finishes with more vague threats and a peace symbol to his friends, a very ironic ending in my opinion.

8. : His final video, he starts with 'oh my last video was weird, but fuck it'. He then tells us he's doing good in school. After which he scans the comments on his last video and whines at his computer for not doing what he wants it too. He lets it slip that he told gave his teacher his youtube account name. He then denies that several confirmed zoophiles are into having sex with animals. However there is a lot of information to their perversions and if you wish to confirm or find such information, then look it up on google. He then spends the rest of the video mumbling to himself while scanning and reading comments on his channel and videos.

Well, there you have it. A perfect example of the typical and common furry, for all the world to see and ridicule.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A New Year!

Hello everyone, I am happy to announce a brand new year and the continuation of the crusade against the furry menace. I would like to congratulate all those who have had victories over this disease of society. Like all battles, this righteous crusade will take time and effort to complete, but I am confident that we will be victorious!

On a side note I have noticed a drop in activity among the riddance of the furfag disease, but I wish to assure everyone that is due to the little rats running away and hiding with their tail in between their legs (so to speak).