Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Grand Victory over the "True Humans"

The operation that brought down the "True Humans" spanned several days and was carried out by members of the Death 2 Failures Coalition(D2FC) and Niggest Crook Force(NCF). The details shall remain confidential  but resulted in the eradication of the "True Humans". Which was "lead" by a "pro-clopper" brony known as RSTgr8, a.k.a "Clopperking"/"Clopperpride". The group consisted mostly of "furfags" and "ponyfags" that claimed to be "victims of trolls". However in a recruitment video posted by one of the "leader's" alternate accounts he claims that all "real humans, troll victims, and remorsed trolls are welcome". The irony in this is that none of those people are a part of the "True Humans", and is obviously a "I'm normal and you're not" propaganda tactic.

Now that the group has been terminated, the 2 "Clopper" accounts have been deleted and the leader officially closed down the group and all images, backgrounds, videos, thumbnails, etc. have been removed and members of the D2FC and NCF are wiping out the remaining members of the TH.

And of course victory video courtesy of D2FC:

An incident that occurred before said operation involved one of my alts sending a PM to RSTgr8 which then resulted in this (see video)

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