Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nicolas Cage Strikes Again

It appears that a new series of attacks have taken place on Deviantart.
Groups such as DaisyDayFC (again?) lol and TwilightAndHarmony have been plastered with the glorious visage of none other than Nicolas Cage.



Another group known as unitwi-frontline managed to get their page back, however the admin decided to bitch about Nicolas Cage fans.

Unfortunately the only comment I left playing into the ironic hypocrisy of what was said was BALEETED and I was promptly blocked before I could even get a screenshot off. 

Maybe free speech is only reserved for ze brony masterace. SIEG HOOF

Thursday, June 13, 2013

BSN - Do nothing E-beggars

Lately the "Brony Security Network" of Deviantart has been spotted raging at its own kind, several bronies who have criticized the group have been harassed, threatened, even banned by or because of the paranoids at BS.

Despite their pledge to defend bronies from trolls, they have in fact gotten more of their own kind banned than so called "trolls". Of those that I have known of only 2 "trolls" have been banned.

In addition to this, several of the leaders have used the BSN as an e-begging platform. Getting bronies riled up and afraid of trolls so that they may collect "donations" in exchange for "protection".

Founder: TechnicallyDerped
Co-Founder: Rainbowflutterpie
Co-Founder: I-like-pie-so-much-2
Co-Founder: Soldierman14

Funny how they all start begging for e-cash at around the same time amirite? And not long after they e-begged and got the BSN page "upgraded". Also coincided with them attacking other bronies and breeding more troll paranoia.

Also, did jackshit to stop any troll attacks, just sent up the red flag for bronies to scream in fear.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Bronies and Furries are Extremists


It is well known that furries claim to be "just fans" of things ranging from cartoon animals, animation, books, etc. But in reality they are a group obsessed with animals in one form or another more often than not in a sexual way.

Now think about it, if they were not obsessed, would they have the need to join a group dedicated to it? Or make up fake names such as "Chew Fox" or "Boomer the Dog". They even go so far as to make up stupid lingo and bad puns then use it as a sort of slang.

There are plenty of artists who draw cartoons and cartoon animals, yet do not associate themselves with or even know about the furry "fandom".

What should we call the "furry fandom"? A culture? A subculture? A cult?

Well I have my own categorization for this group: "An artificial subculture". Now what could lead me to call it this?

They exist as a phenomenon created by the information age, the start of this subculture began in the early 2000's as the internet began to take hold. If you can recall, and books, movies, games, etc. never referred to "anthromorphs" as "furries" or "furrys".

Some furries consider their culture ancient because of such things as hieroglyphs in ancient Egypt depicting gods such as Anubis and Horus with animal heads. Of course the same furfags that suggest this also worship animals, so their integrity.... along with their insanity is in serious question.

Other furfags claim their culture started in the late 1980's - early 1990's when the internet first started.
Which kind of makes sense, considering the majority of the mental institutions closed down in the US in the early to mid 1980's. Letting a lot of these nut jobs out.

In truth furries started out as a fetish, in the early 2000's they popped up on the web. All of their sites, everyone of them dedicated to porn, sex toys, "fur suits", etc. As time wore on this fetish started infecting other parts of their lives, to the point where they made alternate personas or "fursonas" where they would pretend to be part or whole animal. And in some cases pretended to be "baby furs" and/or made of rubber to reflect their perverted sexual fantasies.

Now to the extremist part.

They are extremist because they take the whole "I like talking animals" thing to an insanely disgusting level.
I can't think to add anything more as the information I have provided beforehand in this post and even the rest of the blog should be sufficient.


Bronies are in much in the same boat as the furries, they are not simply people who "like" ponies or just watch a TV show. They are full blown obsessed with it. Which is why they call themselves bronies in the first place, just because I like strawberries doesn't mean I need to color myself red and lay in a dirt pile pretending to be one.

Also watching My Little Pony doesn't make you a brony, much like watching a seed grow doesn't make you a farmer. Bronies often claim that if you like or watch the show you are a brony, this is obviously false, and often used as an oppression tactic to patronize and berate "teh haterz" and people who don't like the show.

Bronies are no better than furries when it comes to their cultural identity, made out of a bad joke and pure greed.

This "sub culture" started as a joke on 4chan, however most ponyfags will deny any connection to 4chan. Even though they have their own "board" on there "/mlp/". This resulted from back in early 2011, when they threw an absolute bitchfit when they were banned from the site for flooding the various "boards" with horse porn and other mlp pictures, shitty memes, and quotes.

Then when they finally get a board dedicated to their horse fetish, they crawled from the depths of 4chan to infect the rest of the internet. Making porn, sex plushies, you name it.... of a show for children.

Ain't capitalism great?

Similarities and Differences

Similarities between furries and bronies include:
-They make "Original Characters"/"fursonas".
-Make porn of their obsession.
-Sick fetishes.
-Cause and thrive on internet drama.
-Stupid factional infighting over stuff normal people don't care about.

-Bronies have more of an obsession than a fetish, this is due to their fandom surrounding a show which has canon, spinoffs, etc.
-Furries have more of a fetish than an obsession, but it could be said their obsession is driven by their fetish.
-Bronies are typically more full of philosophical BS, like love and tolerate, etc.
-Furries tend to be pseudo-intellectuals and embrace "classical" hipster culture.
-Brony "community  leaders" are for the most part still in power, they learned from renowned furry leader failures such as "Wolfeedarkfang" and "theblackhand2".
-Furries mostly fuck canines(dogs), Bronies mostly fuck equines(horses).

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Anti Furry and Anti Brony Jokes

Here's a collection of some anti brony and anti furry jokes I collected and have received.


Q: What do you call a happy brony with a full belly?
A: Mister Hands

Q: How do you castrate a furry?
A: Kick his dog in the jaw.

Q: How many furfags does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: 5 - 1 to bitch about fursecution 3 to debate whether fucking a male dog is gay and one to sodomize himself with the lightbulb.