Thursday, June 13, 2013

BSN - Do nothing E-beggars

Lately the "Brony Security Network" of Deviantart has been spotted raging at its own kind, several bronies who have criticized the group have been harassed, threatened, even banned by or because of the paranoids at BS.

Despite their pledge to defend bronies from trolls, they have in fact gotten more of their own kind banned than so called "trolls". Of those that I have known of only 2 "trolls" have been banned.

In addition to this, several of the leaders have used the BSN as an e-begging platform. Getting bronies riled up and afraid of trolls so that they may collect "donations" in exchange for "protection".

Founder: TechnicallyDerped
Co-Founder: Rainbowflutterpie
Co-Founder: I-like-pie-so-much-2
Co-Founder: Soldierman14

Funny how they all start begging for e-cash at around the same time amirite? And not long after they e-begged and got the BSN page "upgraded". Also coincided with them attacking other bronies and breeding more troll paranoia.

Also, did jackshit to stop any troll attacks, just sent up the red flag for bronies to scream in fear.

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