Saturday, September 21, 2013

Nicolas Cage Strikes YET AGAIN

Recently the D2FC has scored another great victory against the brony and furry menace. Numerous groups on deviantart have been acquired and the glory of CAGE and the D2FC has been plastered upon them for all to view its splendor.

Screenshots courtesy of deth2furries.

Also, something that deth pointed out; this furry includes in his signature "Humans are nothing more than a burden in my life... that's where fictional characters come into play... preferably anthropomorphic..."

Friday, September 20, 2013

A simple thought.

Here's a simple thought. Maybe if furfags and ponyfags kept their sick fuck shit to themselves they wouldn't even be known or hated. But hey, since they shove their weird and disgusting sexual fetishes down everyone's throat its wrong to hate or even dislike them.

There are many of you, braying like asses, on how tolerant you are of various sick fuckery. Prancing around smug with your holier than thou attitude and it seems that you can't stand that we don't like people that get off to A CHILDRENS' SHOW, that we don't tolerate people that ARE SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO ANIMALS. You can rape/murder and steal all you want and it'd be AWWWRIGHT, but disliking anything is wrong apparently.

oh lawdy.