Friday, February 22, 2013

Operation Stampede-D2FC

According to my contact, the D2FC has struck a vital blow against the brony community on deviantart. Taking control of many "brony" groups and several users and scaring the ponyfags on the site enough to send out dramatic hacker alerts, such as these: 1 2 3 4 5 6

There are most likely more, but I'll let the curious and inquisitive find these.
Also do no worry about them getting deleted for I have made backups for posterity.

I want to congratulate the D2FC on such a remarkable achievement and victory that will surely resonate throughout the internet and strike fear and loathing into the bones of every ponyfag that infects these tubes.

This coupled with the Anti-Furry/Brony movements other recent victories will break the back of their morale and the tears of these rats will soak their jizz stained keyboards.

And I wish to resonate the battle cry of the D2FC so that the denizens of the internet and indeed humanity as a whole will rise up and crush this perverted menace infecting our society.

I stand before you now and here as I have stood up in the past.

My friends, brothers and sisters, the current Season of the cancerous infection that haunts the internet;
The Bronies' little show "My little Pony: Friendship" is over for now. Yes, I can confirm the dire news that a fourth season is planned. Nevertheless, the bronies are at their weakest right now, everyone that feels righteous hatred towards them and anyone thats doing it for the lulz; Antis, Trolls, Haters, now is the time to double your effort and to go against the menace of bronies.
Everything and anything is appreciated.

For the sake of humanity, the time has come to take up the fight and march, march to victory!
The success of "operation: autism rains" has shown we can win, we can clean, we can rise up and counter their tyranny!

STAND UP! Not because they enjoy a kids cartoon but because they try to push us down, into submission and turn the internet into their personal hugbox.
This is our world, this is everybodies world!
Stand by my side and fight for Freedom!

I stood at the frontline during the great past wars with the furfaggot fandom, I know it can be hard, I know they are many but I know we can win, just show the courage to stand up and say NO!

Rise dead brethren, Rise old brethren, and Rise you new recruits for the better cause!
Be a true son to the example the NCF gave!

Be a human, be an act of freedom, and be against oppression, be yourself, be a part of the machine!
I am nothing but a single gear. You know I call myself Kaiser Akrekz as I am leader of the new D2FC and the resurrected Andrejborg and even with my years of knowledge and experience I stand before every single one of you as equal.

My saddened eyes look at those of our brethren that have fallen to the disease that is brony... for our sake and theirs its time to fight and time to strike!

Freedom is only granted as long as people are willing to fight for it! And our conflict compared to those in the real world may seem like nothing and puny. But it is with the same spirit, the same breath that those who have fought for freedom breathe.

NEVER let anything force you down. STAND UP for yourself and say NO!
Fight the bronies, on land the sea and in the air, and show them that our spirit is even at its worst is greater than theirs.

If you read this and if you feel that my words did indeed bring truth and spirit with them. I will be glad to welcome you to the fight, and if you wish to the D2FC, the sons of NCF.
I will depart now and coordinate the aftermath of operation autism rains, for my role in this play will begin shortly.
May the lulz, victory, and justice be with you.

Rest, Resurrection, Reign, D2FC!"
Edited by Me, The "Anti-furry Official".


  1. We will never be pushed down, or awesomeness will reign now and forever muahahahaha. also, you sound like a nerd. >b Sincerely Imani Ravenpaw

    1. >"Imani Ravenpaw"
      Dat name seems so legit, furfag. Why you bitching on my blog?
      U butt frustrated m8?

  2. You are going down. -imani

    1. More fake names from made up characters. ha.

  3. You think the Bronies will give up?I am not a Brony yet I know they have determination and they have other websites BESIDES Deviantart, you ignorant twats.

  4. you're entitled to have your own opinion, but hacking groups is going a bit far. Not to mention you are insulting to those who actually HAVE autism. Pick a name a bit more classy, like Operation: Brony Destroyers. THAT sounds cool and intimidating.

    Feel free to insult the fandom, but hacking is too far. I rather like seeing the insults you guys come up with, even as a brony and a furry. It's entertaining to see the reactions of either side.

    Keep it up? Stop? What am I supposed to tell you? XD I admire your strength and tenacity, that's for sure. Not many have the balls to do this.

    you have many balls. all the balls.

  5. U know bronies is just a bro army like pewdiepie on youtube
    And can't be destroyed its people that like the show its all over youtube