Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Delicious Irony

In this post is a video and in the video a furry tries to defend his kind, but this is not the typically pathetic furfag rant, oh no, he has to go the extra mile and bash Arabs, calling them "ragheads" and blaming them for 9/11. A very nice dose of irony due to him whining about intolerance against furries at the beginning of the video, and then being an all out racist prick later on. Enjoy.

Monday, August 6, 2012

A message to the Bronies.

Hello, I want to make my position clear on you "people". I do not hate MLP, I do not hate ponies. In fact I think the show is cute and adorable and yadda yadda. But what I do hate is that all these faggots make porn out of a kids show and enjoy it, it is like pedophilia and bestiality rolled into one. And I also hate those that "love and tolerate" it. Bronies whine about having a bad rep. Alright guys, so you don't want a bad rep, but you don't want to do any work to get rid of the things that give you a bad rep? Oh ya and calling me a "nazi pony" for hating on pedophile supporters doesn't help your cause either. There's a reason you guys have a bad reputation and being a bunch of lazy whiners doesn't help you either.

Note: Will most likely add onto this post.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Furries Exposed

Howard Stern exposes furries and Wolfie interviews furries at furcon: 

inb4 raging paranoids/conspiracy nuts

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Scum of the Earth

Hello everyone I usually do not directly talk about my exploits and arguments on youtube, but today I will make an exception. I have spent a good part of the last 2 days arguing with some of the dumbest pieces of subhuman trash on this earth. Do you want to know why they are deserving of this title? Well I'll tell you! They have jumped down my throat for being "an ignorant hater" because I HAVE BEEN HATING. But on guess who? huh? (oh I bet the anticipation is killing you). I have been hating on people that think it is perfectly normal to have rape and pedophillic fantasies about My Little Pony. Now don't be shy..... go ahead and hate on this post, I really want you to show yourselves for the scum that you are. I am legitimately disgusted by you scum sucking filth and contrary to what many say I hope you're proud. Because then it will be all the easier to spot your sick festering perversions and avoid them. No DON'T FEEL SHAME, show the world that you take pride in being a sick fuck. And those of you who "love and tolerate" them are no better, you let their disease fester but deny having it yourselves. Which is completely normal, if I was closet scum I would want some company too.

But I REALLY want to know why I have been called a "nazi pony" for telling those that would listen to my words of advice not to go near the scum of the fucking earth.

Oh and another note to the "Bronies" I don't hate your goddamn show. I could give a flying fuck if it is "girly". I am just sick of you letting such scumsucking filth into your fandom. I mean one side of your mouth you preach the "philosophy" of the show like the bible. Yet you allow these sick fucks to fantasize about rape and god knows what else about the characters. You bash me "for getting upset about something that isn't real" yet you rage and whine over people making fun of and not liking your freaking cartoon. For the love of god get some help.

And I want to make a case for the haters as well, now you like MLP don't you bronies? And the things you like and your interests are apart of who you are, correct? So they hate you for who you are and not what you are. Get it?