Thursday, August 2, 2012

Scum of the Earth

Hello everyone I usually do not directly talk about my exploits and arguments on youtube, but today I will make an exception. I have spent a good part of the last 2 days arguing with some of the dumbest pieces of subhuman trash on this earth. Do you want to know why they are deserving of this title? Well I'll tell you! They have jumped down my throat for being "an ignorant hater" because I HAVE BEEN HATING. But on guess who? huh? (oh I bet the anticipation is killing you). I have been hating on people that think it is perfectly normal to have rape and pedophillic fantasies about My Little Pony. Now don't be shy..... go ahead and hate on this post, I really want you to show yourselves for the scum that you are. I am legitimately disgusted by you scum sucking filth and contrary to what many say I hope you're proud. Because then it will be all the easier to spot your sick festering perversions and avoid them. No DON'T FEEL SHAME, show the world that you take pride in being a sick fuck. And those of you who "love and tolerate" them are no better, you let their disease fester but deny having it yourselves. Which is completely normal, if I was closet scum I would want some company too.

But I REALLY want to know why I have been called a "nazi pony" for telling those that would listen to my words of advice not to go near the scum of the fucking earth.

Oh and another note to the "Bronies" I don't hate your goddamn show. I could give a flying fuck if it is "girly". I am just sick of you letting such scumsucking filth into your fandom. I mean one side of your mouth you preach the "philosophy" of the show like the bible. Yet you allow these sick fucks to fantasize about rape and god knows what else about the characters. You bash me "for getting upset about something that isn't real" yet you rage and whine over people making fun of and not liking your freaking cartoon. For the love of god get some help.

And I want to make a case for the haters as well, now you like MLP don't you bronies? And the things you like and your interests are apart of who you are, correct? So they hate you for who you are and not what you are. Get it?


  1. You are one sad piece of shit. It's tea-party bible pushing (nothing against the bible or Christianity) fucks like you that are scum. I'm not even a furry and yet this still offensive.

    I can tell from the rest of the blog that you like stereotypes. Well here are some things i can infer about you.

    -You are overly patriotic
    -You love Call of Duty
    -You hate most if not all minorities or others different from you
    -You love 9gag and ill-humored cesspools like it
    -You are republican (not a bad thing)
    -You'd rather die than be a communist
    -You would go out with the "god hates fags" protestors

    The list could go on...

    1. >implying anyone actually likes 9gag

      Also TF2 > CoD

    2. -Yes, I'm a die hard patriot I love my country's culture so much that I wish Iran would actually nuke us.
      -Yes, finest hour was one of my favorite WWII ps2 games (along with MOH: Frontline).
      -Yes, I'm part cherokee so that makes me a die hard NAZI.
      -lol I never knew 9gag existed until everyone started bagging on it, but ignorance is bliss and do not plan to go there.
      -Actually I'm a registered Democrat, lOl.
      -No, I admire the control communists had over their culture, and the way that society was preserved and disgusting excesses were crushed.
      -No, for obvious reasons.
      Go on, don't let logic stop you.

    3. Funny thig is this guy made up the fact of bronys raping horses everyone on youtube knows they are just a bro army that like the show not rapest same with furrys

    4. Kill the ponyfuckersMarch 28, 2014 at 9:53 AM

      Butthurt ponyfucker alert!

  2. I think you should kill yourself it would make the world a much better place or change your ways of being a retarded fucker who hates on furrys but strangly encourage bronys and you do know that if there were a god (which is fucking impossible) you really think hed let you got to heaven after all the hate youve created your just some douche at a computer who wouldent dare say things out loud

    1. You should be ejected into space.

  3. Meh furries are alright in my book. With the way This world is turning out, i can see why people fantasize about certain mythological beings. Yes even if they like drawn porn. I don't care what they do in the comfort of their own home. It's not like i've never watched hentai. I've seen anime shows that appeals to the demographic of children and later on hentai of that show.. I find furry porn to be on the same boat in the extent. Though i think in my opinion that being a furry could be borderline to bestiality with certain individuals but it doesn't change the fact that it's two different subjects. If a furry had sex with an animal he'd be a beastiliatist. He wouldn't be a "furry absorbed in beastilaity." Like cloppers. I've seen bronies turn into cloppers but it isn't the furries fault for drawing that porn. I don't think they saw deliberately in taking over the brony fandom, but the fact that they wanted to pay homage to the show somehow and the only way they could achieve this is to draw art like many others. It's not like bronies don't have a choice in looking at it. They could say "hey i'm not going to watch this." But they want to see more than what the show has to offer so they say and justify it with "love and tolerate" BS/ It's not like they don't have the freedom to pick what they want to see. It takes two to tango and atleast to me "bronies" and "furries" are both to blame.

    1. "Meh furries are alright in my book. With the way This world is turning out, i can see why people fantasize about certain mythological beings. Yes even if they like drawn porn. ..."

      Wow. That unfortunately says a lot about you.

  4. Furries are gay. Bronie sare gay. Basement dwellers are gay. Hippies are gay. Fundamentalist Christians are gay. The Right is gay. The Left is gay. Rapists are gay. Gay people are gay. Straight people ar egay. You're fucking gay. I'm fucking gay. Everything is fucking gay.

    Any questions?

    1. Yeah. Isn't it past your bedtime?

  5. Do you think anybody wants these scum sucking idiots in the fandom!?! Nobody does, but they can't just simply be kicked out due to the fact that whether or not you tell them to f*ck off or whatever- they're still going to ruin the rest of the fandom for everybody else because they're just ignorant, immature, incompetent, irrational idiots! It doesn't matter how much logic and reason you dump on them, because they're still going to be around posting and liking nasty pornographic sh*t no one likes!
    P.S: I haven't really liked your others posts because they were targeted toward the entirety of either the brony/furry fandom, but I am very pleased you are just attacking those idiots. >:D

    I wish to remain Anon.. But I have to say something important. I work for an organization that deals with troubled young individuals.
    Some of whom have been the target on this blog and many others.
    Thought I should let some of you know that we have been working 2 seperate cases of 2 individuals who wont be names, both of whom have now passed away.

    They both commit suicide shortly after heavy amounts of dark and very cruel talk was thrown their way. Sometimes it is a good idea to understand that although these people may be wrong, and may be "trolling" or making fun of people, they may in fact be seeking attention due to horrific issues they face themselves.

    This is the reason two individuals bellow the young age of only 20 years old, are now dead.

    It is entirely possible that people who have posted on this blog or others are in fact responsible for these tragic losses. No one deserves to be driven to the point they take their own lives.

    For this reason, my organization is tracking down those who may have been the root cause, and will be issuing warrants for arrest on multiple charges of abuse which has lead to suicide.

    Any one who does wish to come forward or has any ideas to those involved, then please contact us here: