Monday, July 23, 2012

A reiteration of why bronies are not furries and why furries want to absorb them. As well as my first encounter with a "brony".

Earlier I made a post on why bronies are not furries and I would like to reiterate that point as well as tell you why the furries are so desperate to associate themselves with and absorb the "bronies".

First off, the bronies are a fandom based around MLP, while the furries are a fandom based around basically anything anthropomorphic. However, the ponies from MLP can be considered anthropomorphic, but they are for the most part just cartoon ponies. And many consider them "anthropomorphicized" only when they have the ability to stand upright have human arms, legs, etc.
Second, the furries are by definition, a fandom that is based around anthropomorphic animals. And bronies are a fandom based around a television show. So bronies are in fact NOT furries.
And by accepting that definition of furry you acknowledge the fandoms are based around different things.

Now furries want to absorb and cling on to this new phenomenon primarily due to the 'aurora of innocence' surrounding it. Would you expect a group of people that play with toy ponies to be guilty of any perversions?
I would, but then that's just me. In addition to this, about a week ago I stumbled across a furfag/brony's channel on youtube and he had a link to his deviantart page, being bored I clicked on it and OMGWTFISTHIS he had his favorites literally full of mlp and furfag porn (but thank god most of it was blocked out due to content filter). So I, confident that this screen of protection shall shield me from further eye strain, decided to find out who made these abominations. And guess what? The creators of this "art" are all furries, big surprise huh? Well to be quite honest all of the 'bad' bronies I encountered are furries or are at least affiliated with furries and they repeatedly insist that bronies are furries as if to cover the reason why they are involved in something 'unfurry'.

The first time I heard of bronies was june of 2011, I was trolling some furfags on youtube and some whiny brat called lordjapdaas or something like that tried the old "oh I used to hate furries like you but then I became a brony and started this love and tolerance bullshit". I didn't give a fuck about him being a brony but him getting in my way and spewing bullshit and being a typical moron by calling me and my comrades nazis for trolling furfags and other scum was a problem for me. But during the entire engagement he kept saying and talking about "love and tolerance". And boy was he full of shit, he made a sock account called "IAMYOFATMOMMA" and started spamming racial slurs as well as random insults along with saying stuff along the lines of "I LIKE TO FUCK MAH DOG". Yes, very "loving and tolerant."


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    1. Well, that's just like, your opinion man.

  2. >furries want to absorb bronies
    >impyling its not one big clusterfuck of shit

    >its only anthropomorphic if they stand on two hooves
    yeah you know i hear this shit all time from bronies so i just go ahead and say you either went pro brony or you are seriously buying the shit they tryna sell you

    >people that play with toy ponies
    go to tiarawhy tumblr and equestria after dark you furscum enabler

    >all bad bronies are furries
    guess you´re lost too

    and im going to blatanly ignore the fact that a brony immediatly showed up to defend this ....story

    1. Long story short this was a part of a plan to use certain bronies to attack furfags and yadda yadda yadda. Explaining this over and over is a pain in the ass, so I just have to say my position "changed" and you should look at the earlier posts where I drop the little shits. But hey its not like I planned this out anyway (oh wait yes I did).

      Oh yea and I ain't going to those furfag websites.

      Also what brony? Derpster?

    2. wow still did not get over that retard complex huh?

  3. anthropomorphized*

    is any attribution of human characteristics (or characteristics assumed to belong only to humans)

    furry fandom

    a subculture interested in fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.

  4. Bronies are far better than furries

    1. Why compare the two? Both fandoms do have alot in common and share some common interests with one another.
      Watch this video.
      Fast forward to around 7:26 if you must, but i advise you to watch it from start to finish. This video will help you in being a better person and/or "Brony."

  5. Masturbating/"Clopping" to cartoon horses isn't furry? Also, from what I've observed, furries seem to hate bronies more than anyone.

  6. As with Aesop's Fables and The Lion King, MLP:FiM involves anthropomorphic animals, i.e. morphs with human traits (anthro (human), morph (form such as an animal), ism (device/doctrine), animals (the morph)). Note that "furry" was a web term from the 80s that was easy to type on the keyboard due to key spacing of "f, u, r and y" that referred to discussion "nerds" who liked to talk about cartoon animals in comics, "anthropomorphism" wasn't even used until media started to describe it and newer furries were trying to make out their roots were far older to act all cool, cultural, classy and edgy. Dig back in furry newsgroups a bit, a few of the older ones such as (somewhat accessible via Google groups) have some mentions of the pre-FiM My Little Pony franchise, however it was considered more taboo to talk about because the fandom was less diverse and it was highly marketed at young women and girls. It was rightfully taboo because a full grown adult, especially male, is always tended to have sexual psychological problems when into overtly childish things, cartoon animals became overtly childish by the 21st century, hence there are many perverts amongst bronies and furries.

  7. To be honest though, both fandoms are just as bad as each other- you got your good bronies/furries that basically just like to draw art or watch the show and then you got those people who like pony/furry porn and ruin the fandom for all the rest of the fandom by clouding this horrible stereotype around it... those idiots are the ones who deserve to be slepped.

  8. This site is just as bad as god hates furries but at least you didn't covet your hate with god but still stupid if people want to do this shit let the what is so bad about people having fetishes its like saying since your black I hate you I say why bother it stupid to complain about something people enjoy i hate beans should I call you dumb stupid and an idiot because you like them no should make it illegal no so let furries be and quit it!

  9. You lost all credibility the instant you implied furries want to absorb bronies. If anything, furries DESPISE bronies to a level that defies rational thought.

  10. FUCK"FURRIES"They are nothing more than sick sexual perverts period!they protect pedophiles,hate kids,ruin childhoods,hurt animals,(with their sick repugnant"hate art")frankly they all should burn in hell!

  11. I love to see that stupid show"My little pony"(feminist propaganda) get canceled! And see the butthurt bronies/ponyfags fly off into psychotic rages!