Monday, July 23, 2012

A reiteration of why bronies are not furries and why furries want to absorb them. As well as my first encounter with a "brony".

Earlier I made a post on why bronies are not furries and I would like to reiterate that point as well as tell you why the furries are so desperate to associate themselves with and absorb the "bronies".

First off, the bronies are a fandom based around MLP, while the furries are a fandom based around basically anything anthropomorphic. However, the ponies from MLP can be considered anthropomorphic, but they are for the most part just cartoon ponies. And many consider them "anthropomorphicized" only when they have the ability to stand upright have human arms, legs, etc.
Second, the furries are by definition, a fandom that is based around anthropomorphic animals. And bronies are a fandom based around a television show. So bronies are in fact NOT furries.
And by accepting that definition of furry you acknowledge the fandoms are based around different things.

Now furries want to absorb and cling on to this new phenomenon primarily due to the 'aurora of innocence' surrounding it. Would you expect a group of people that play with toy ponies to be guilty of any perversions?
I would, but then that's just me. In addition to this, about a week ago I stumbled across a furfag/brony's channel on youtube and he had a link to his deviantart page, being bored I clicked on it and OMGWTFISTHIS he had his favorites literally full of mlp and furfag porn (but thank god most of it was blocked out due to content filter). So I, confident that this screen of protection shall shield me from further eye strain, decided to find out who made these abominations. And guess what? The creators of this "art" are all furries, big surprise huh? Well to be quite honest all of the 'bad' bronies I encountered are furries or are at least affiliated with furries and they repeatedly insist that bronies are furries as if to cover the reason why they are involved in something 'unfurry'.

The first time I heard of bronies was june of 2011, I was trolling some furfags on youtube and some whiny brat called lordjapdaas or something like that tried the old "oh I used to hate furries like you but then I became a brony and started this love and tolerance bullshit". I didn't give a fuck about him being a brony but him getting in my way and spewing bullshit and being a typical moron by calling me and my comrades nazis for trolling furfags and other scum was a problem for me. But during the entire engagement he kept saying and talking about "love and tolerance". And boy was he full of shit, he made a sock account called "IAMYOFATMOMMA" and started spamming racial slurs as well as random insults along with saying stuff along the lines of "I LIKE TO FUCK MAH DOG". Yes, very "loving and tolerant."

Why I "hate" furries.

 Many of you, either on this blog or on youtube ask "why do you hate furries" and today I will answer that.

First off I "hate" them due to those within the "fandom" that make the porn, fuck animals, and do all that other generic furfag shit.

Then once the furries were exposed for this (back in 09 is when the shit hit the fan), those that were "friends" with the "furfags" aka the "non-perverted furries" abandoned and turned against their former "friends". The problem I have with this is that they abandoned their "friends" in exchange for protection from the "bullies" and "trolls". And to add onto that as soon as the "trolls" left the little worms go back to their friend(s) as if nothing happened or they act like they spied on the anti-furries/trolls or were just joking and "trolling" them in the 'friendly' sense (this continues to this day). You people try to act friendly and such good people toward others yet you do things such as this? You're not good people you can take those half-assed "kind words" and shove 'em where the sun don't shine.
Another point I want to make off of this, is that while they were apart of the "fandom" they didn't see anything wrong (or at least they didn't say or do anything about it) with the fursuiters, the yiffers, the zoophiles, and the like. And they treated their little "fandom" as an entire group of furries, without divisions and seemingly without conflict.
These labels of "furvert", "furfag", and "zoophile" came after the discovery of the sickness of the furfags.
But now I hear, "I'm NOT LIKE THOSE SICK furfags/furverts/etc." or "I see where you're coming from I understand that there are a lot of bad furries but I'm a good one". Yet, they are "friends" with the sickos they claim to hate or are even ones themselves.
Another thing that I severely dislike about them is that they claim not to be sexually attracted to animals yet they are basically obsessed with them. They make furry porn yet they claim not to be attracted to animals. Are they not just diluting animal porn to make it more explainable to others and to lighten the load on their conscience? Or are they so simple minded that anything with a vagina/huge breasts/penis/muscles gets them off?

Another reason why I hate them is because they act like anything they do that is furry is cool. OH lets make this furry, lets make THAT furry, etc. Then they run around in an animal costume on the internet like its cool; while not doing it in public because they know they will get treated like shit for acting like idiots. And the funny thing is, IF they do it in public people laugh at them and the furfags still think its cool despite looking like morons.

I hate zoophiles for obvious reasons.

I hate the generic furfag. Symptoms of this include but are not limited to:
-Acting like everyone that hates/dislikes furries is a nazi/racist/kkk/etc.
-Wanting/having a fursuit.
-Sexually Interested in animals (furries count)
-Having a fursona.
-Associating with the above.

I would also like to point out the absolute bullshit in the "argument" that furries say they are "unfairly judged"
Know what? God forbid people be judged by their actions and how they dress and act, it is their choice to do such things and I can treat them by who they are rather than what they are and what they achieve.

Added 8/13/2012

I would like to also point out that furries willingly and voluntarily belong to this "fandom", they are not born or forced into it(for the most part). They will whine and complain about being "fursecuted", yet they willingly and voluntarily belong to a fandom know for perversions and severe stupidity. And when asked "why don't you do anything about it?" they say its impossible to stop it, yet they don't even try. The same goes for Bronies, and basically every other well hated "sub culture" out there.

Furry/Brony Conspiracy theories.

Update: I have changed the title of this post to reflect the new content I have added to it.

Here's something that I just find hilarious, furry conspiracy theories. No, not conspiracies involving furries but crazy rantings by furries about the many ways that trolls and society in general try to "fursecute" them.

One fine example of these mad rantings is that many think that many zoophiles (animalfuckers) are trolls in disguise or just trolls. I didn't really pay attention past the point they started talking about trolls being in some secret plot to slander furries. HA, there is no need to slander when facts are enough to expose their foolishness.

Another is evident in this video:

1: "Don't listen to tyra, she was wrong when she said that. Fursuits can cost up to $1000." 
Oh my fucking god, what the hell does the cost have to do with it? There are literally thousands of pictures and videos of furfags doing shit that would ruin their precious animal costumes and you try to say that they wouldn't ruin them for this one thing? What the hell are you smoking?

2: "chew fox explained what a furry is very well."
So I am to assume that the fat chick is "chew fox"? Okey dockey then, if she did such a damn good job explaining what furries are why did you basically contradict her earlier? She said 'they wear the costumes' so would not just wearing these masses of fur covered rubber ruin them?

3: Tyra: "Do you have sex when you have the costume on?" Chelsey: "yes"
Do I need to even say anything?

4: Tyra: "Some people say this is like bestiality" 
Actually it is just a diluted form of it, they feel that giving them human qualities makes it more acceptable.

5: Furry Wedding:
So I guess the marriage certificate is going to read Mr Tom Cat and Mrs Chew Fox?
You people are just insane....

So how did this video come to be.
1. Furry goes on tv. Makes furries look bad.
2. Furries bawww and bitch.
3. Furry cries fursecution/lies etc.
4. Video


There are also a good number of furries bitching and moaning about how furries making themselves look like idiotic perverts is just an evil conspiracy to make them look bad, LOL.

As evident in THIS video (and the comments):

Yes, I realize the video is hidden now, will be looking for a Mirror or another to replace it....

To be honest the video is more like an independent "documentary" about furries. The conspiracy theories and crazy rants are in the comments. 
They range from whining how the chick admitting she fucked an animal is an audio trick to how stupid the guys "furry" name is. But really, Dingleberries the lion is a stupid and unbelievable name but Chew Fox and Tom Cat aren't? Really wtf.
And in addition to that some whackjob was bitching about how the furries dry humping each other was CG.
Just.....just...insane... we REALLY need to reopen the mental institutions.

Added: 8/13/2012
Now for the Bronies.

I have also taken note of the bronies, much like the furries, have been blaming their "negative publicity" on "trolls". Alright, now I must point out that some bronies post borderline ponyporn on sites like Know your meme and Youtube. And then they have the gusto to blame trolls for it. But wait? Who MADE these images? Who POSTED them? Trolls? No? Oh that's right, bronies did, but hell why accept responsibility when you can blame others?

Another thing I would like to mention is that I have browsed the MLP gallery on KYM and what I find very interesting is that no one seems to find any problems or speak out against the "porn", oh I'm sorry, I mean the "borderline porn". But they throw an absolute bitch fit the second politics is involved.

Examples are as follows:
"Borderline porn":
"Borderline porn":

Note: This is an ongoing post and I will most likely add onto it.