Thursday, August 21, 2014

Five nights at Freddy's Game Starts Furry Circlejerk Fest

A new "horror" game recently released on steam called "Five nights at Feddy's" seemingly has taken all of Youtube by storm with lets players donning their facecams and best fake screams they can muster.

Now you may be thinking this is no different from any other over-hyped indie horror title released in the last few years including Amnesia and Slender.

But you'd be wrong, this game just so happens to feature furry animatronic signing animals that live in the uncanny valley.

Why would furries be into this? 

Well the "former employee" explains at the beginning of the game that these robots roam the halls at night and if you - the new extremely underpaid security guard - happen to be seen by them they jam you into one of the other decommissioned robot "suits" killing you painfully if they get a hold of you.

Yiffy Guro? Guro Yiff?

What kind of furfag in the right mind would not want to jerk off to such a mentally pleasing image?

Well none in fact because they are sick fucks.

But that's beside the point, there's a ton of this in Rule 34(porn) form already on the internet and the furries are having an absolute field day with it all.

Also game in a nutshell video by someone who actually panned the thing instead of praised it:

Sunday, June 8, 2014


After a relatively long hiatus I am back, hopefully I can get back to making fairly regular posts again.