Friday, March 20, 2015

Under construction...

It has come to my attention that the blog has various technical problems with it, videos are missing and most of the embedding code is outdated or unreliable. In addition to this I have several unpublished and unfinished posts and various amount of resources that need to be backed upped and archived and as such I will be working on the blog in the coming days and weeks. This does not mean it will be going off line. But it may undergo some changes in the time to come.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Five nights at Freddy's Game Starts Furry Circlejerk Fest

A new "horror" game recently released on steam called "Five nights at Feddy's" seemingly has taken all of Youtube by storm with lets players donning their facecams and best fake screams they can muster.

Now you may be thinking this is no different from any other over-hyped indie horror title released in the last few years including Amnesia and Slender.

But you'd be wrong, this game just so happens to feature furry animatronic signing animals that live in the uncanny valley.

Why would furries be into this? 

Well the "former employee" explains at the beginning of the game that these robots roam the halls at night and if you - the new extremely underpaid security guard - happen to be seen by them they jam you into one of the other decommissioned robot "suits" killing you painfully if they get a hold of you.

Yiffy Guro? Guro Yiff?

What kind of furfag in the right mind would not want to jerk off to such a mentally pleasing image?

Well none in fact because they are sick fucks.

But that's beside the point, there's a ton of this in Rule 34(porn) form already on the internet and the furries are having an absolute field day with it all.

Also game in a nutshell video by someone who actually panned the thing instead of praised it:

Sunday, June 8, 2014


After a relatively long hiatus I am back, hopefully I can get back to making fairly regular posts again.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Nicolas Cage Strikes YET AGAIN

Recently the D2FC has scored another great victory against the brony and furry menace. Numerous groups on deviantart have been acquired and the glory of CAGE and the D2FC has been plastered upon them for all to view its splendor.

Screenshots courtesy of deth2furries.

Also, something that deth pointed out; this furry includes in his signature "Humans are nothing more than a burden in my life... that's where fictional characters come into play... preferably anthropomorphic..."

Friday, September 20, 2013

A simple thought.

Here's a simple thought. Maybe if furfags and ponyfags kept their sick fuck shit to themselves they wouldn't even be known or hated. But hey, since they shove their weird and disgusting sexual fetishes down everyone's throat its wrong to hate or even dislike them.

There are many of you, braying like asses, on how tolerant you are of various sick fuckery. Prancing around smug with your holier than thou attitude and it seems that you can't stand that we don't like people that get off to A CHILDRENS' SHOW, that we don't tolerate people that ARE SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO ANIMALS. You can rape/murder and steal all you want and it'd be AWWWRIGHT, but disliking anything is wrong apparently.

oh lawdy.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nicolas Cage Strikes Again

It appears that a new series of attacks have taken place on Deviantart.
Groups such as DaisyDayFC (again?) lol and TwilightAndHarmony have been plastered with the glorious visage of none other than Nicolas Cage.



Another group known as unitwi-frontline managed to get their page back, however the admin decided to bitch about Nicolas Cage fans.

Unfortunately the only comment I left playing into the ironic hypocrisy of what was said was BALEETED and I was promptly blocked before I could even get a screenshot off. 

Maybe free speech is only reserved for ze brony masterace. SIEG HOOF

Thursday, June 13, 2013

BSN - Do nothing E-beggars

Lately the "Brony Security Network" of Deviantart has been spotted raging at its own kind, several bronies who have criticized the group have been harassed, threatened, even banned by or because of the paranoids at BS.

Despite their pledge to defend bronies from trolls, they have in fact gotten more of their own kind banned than so called "trolls". Of those that I have known of only 2 "trolls" have been banned.

In addition to this, several of the leaders have used the BSN as an e-begging platform. Getting bronies riled up and afraid of trolls so that they may collect "donations" in exchange for "protection".

Founder: TechnicallyDerped
Co-Founder: Rainbowflutterpie
Co-Founder: I-like-pie-so-much-2
Co-Founder: Soldierman14

Funny how they all start begging for e-cash at around the same time amirite? And not long after they e-begged and got the BSN page "upgraded". Also coincided with them attacking other bronies and breeding more troll paranoia.

Also, did jackshit to stop any troll attacks, just sent up the red flag for bronies to scream in fear.