Saturday, September 21, 2013

Nicolas Cage Strikes YET AGAIN

Recently the D2FC has scored another great victory against the brony and furry menace. Numerous groups on deviantart have been acquired and the glory of CAGE and the D2FC has been plastered upon them for all to view its splendor.

Screenshots courtesy of deth2furries.

Also, something that deth pointed out; this furry includes in his signature "Humans are nothing more than a burden in my life... that's where fictional characters come into play... preferably anthropomorphic..."

Friday, September 20, 2013

A simple thought.

Here's a simple thought. Maybe if furfags and ponyfags kept their sick fuck shit to themselves they wouldn't even be known or hated. But hey, since they shove their weird and disgusting sexual fetishes down everyone's throat its wrong to hate or even dislike them.

There are many of you, braying like asses, on how tolerant you are of various sick fuckery. Prancing around smug with your holier than thou attitude and it seems that you can't stand that we don't like people that get off to A CHILDRENS' SHOW, that we don't tolerate people that ARE SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO ANIMALS. You can rape/murder and steal all you want and it'd be AWWWRIGHT, but disliking anything is wrong apparently.

oh lawdy.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nicolas Cage Strikes Again

It appears that a new series of attacks have taken place on Deviantart.
Groups such as DaisyDayFC (again?) lol and TwilightAndHarmony have been plastered with the glorious visage of none other than Nicolas Cage.



Another group known as unitwi-frontline managed to get their page back, however the admin decided to bitch about Nicolas Cage fans.

Unfortunately the only comment I left playing into the ironic hypocrisy of what was said was BALEETED and I was promptly blocked before I could even get a screenshot off. 

Maybe free speech is only reserved for ze brony masterace. SIEG HOOF

Thursday, June 13, 2013

BSN - Do nothing E-beggars

Lately the "Brony Security Network" of Deviantart has been spotted raging at its own kind, several bronies who have criticized the group have been harassed, threatened, even banned by or because of the paranoids at BS.

Despite their pledge to defend bronies from trolls, they have in fact gotten more of their own kind banned than so called "trolls". Of those that I have known of only 2 "trolls" have been banned.

In addition to this, several of the leaders have used the BSN as an e-begging platform. Getting bronies riled up and afraid of trolls so that they may collect "donations" in exchange for "protection".

Founder: TechnicallyDerped
Co-Founder: Rainbowflutterpie
Co-Founder: I-like-pie-so-much-2
Co-Founder: Soldierman14

Funny how they all start begging for e-cash at around the same time amirite? And not long after they e-begged and got the BSN page "upgraded". Also coincided with them attacking other bronies and breeding more troll paranoia.

Also, did jackshit to stop any troll attacks, just sent up the red flag for bronies to scream in fear.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Bronies and Furries are Extremists


It is well known that furries claim to be "just fans" of things ranging from cartoon animals, animation, books, etc. But in reality they are a group obsessed with animals in one form or another more often than not in a sexual way.

Now think about it, if they were not obsessed, would they have the need to join a group dedicated to it? Or make up fake names such as "Chew Fox" or "Boomer the Dog". They even go so far as to make up stupid lingo and bad puns then use it as a sort of slang.

There are plenty of artists who draw cartoons and cartoon animals, yet do not associate themselves with or even know about the furry "fandom".

What should we call the "furry fandom"? A culture? A subculture? A cult?

Well I have my own categorization for this group: "An artificial subculture". Now what could lead me to call it this?

They exist as a phenomenon created by the information age, the start of this subculture began in the early 2000's as the internet began to take hold. If you can recall, and books, movies, games, etc. never referred to "anthromorphs" as "furries" or "furrys".

Some furries consider their culture ancient because of such things as hieroglyphs in ancient Egypt depicting gods such as Anubis and Horus with animal heads. Of course the same furfags that suggest this also worship animals, so their integrity.... along with their insanity is in serious question.

Other furfags claim their culture started in the late 1980's - early 1990's when the internet first started.
Which kind of makes sense, considering the majority of the mental institutions closed down in the US in the early to mid 1980's. Letting a lot of these nut jobs out.

In truth furries started out as a fetish, in the early 2000's they popped up on the web. All of their sites, everyone of them dedicated to porn, sex toys, "fur suits", etc. As time wore on this fetish started infecting other parts of their lives, to the point where they made alternate personas or "fursonas" where they would pretend to be part or whole animal. And in some cases pretended to be "baby furs" and/or made of rubber to reflect their perverted sexual fantasies.

Now to the extremist part.

They are extremist because they take the whole "I like talking animals" thing to an insanely disgusting level.
I can't think to add anything more as the information I have provided beforehand in this post and even the rest of the blog should be sufficient.


Bronies are in much in the same boat as the furries, they are not simply people who "like" ponies or just watch a TV show. They are full blown obsessed with it. Which is why they call themselves bronies in the first place, just because I like strawberries doesn't mean I need to color myself red and lay in a dirt pile pretending to be one.

Also watching My Little Pony doesn't make you a brony, much like watching a seed grow doesn't make you a farmer. Bronies often claim that if you like or watch the show you are a brony, this is obviously false, and often used as an oppression tactic to patronize and berate "teh haterz" and people who don't like the show.

Bronies are no better than furries when it comes to their cultural identity, made out of a bad joke and pure greed.

This "sub culture" started as a joke on 4chan, however most ponyfags will deny any connection to 4chan. Even though they have their own "board" on there "/mlp/". This resulted from back in early 2011, when they threw an absolute bitchfit when they were banned from the site for flooding the various "boards" with horse porn and other mlp pictures, shitty memes, and quotes.

Then when they finally get a board dedicated to their horse fetish, they crawled from the depths of 4chan to infect the rest of the internet. Making porn, sex plushies, you name it.... of a show for children.

Ain't capitalism great?

Similarities and Differences

Similarities between furries and bronies include:
-They make "Original Characters"/"fursonas".
-Make porn of their obsession.
-Sick fetishes.
-Cause and thrive on internet drama.
-Stupid factional infighting over stuff normal people don't care about.

-Bronies have more of an obsession than a fetish, this is due to their fandom surrounding a show which has canon, spinoffs, etc.
-Furries have more of a fetish than an obsession, but it could be said their obsession is driven by their fetish.
-Bronies are typically more full of philosophical BS, like love and tolerate, etc.
-Furries tend to be pseudo-intellectuals and embrace "classical" hipster culture.
-Brony "community  leaders" are for the most part still in power, they learned from renowned furry leader failures such as "Wolfeedarkfang" and "theblackhand2".
-Furries mostly fuck canines(dogs), Bronies mostly fuck equines(horses).

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Anti Furry and Anti Brony Jokes

Here's a collection of some anti brony and anti furry jokes I collected and have received.


Q: What do you call a happy brony with a full belly?
A: Mister Hands

Q: How do you castrate a furry?
A: Kick his dog in the jaw.

Q: How many furfags does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: 5 - 1 to bitch about fursecution 3 to debate whether fucking a male dog is gay and one to sodomize himself with the lightbulb.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Another Strike on Deviantart

Another strike against the bronies has taken place on deviant art, the groups "Daisydayfc" and "Ghostdudefc" have been taken. Meanwhile, the geniuses at bronysecurity have done jack shit to help yet again. Save for this. Oh no they don't want to provoke the big bad ole hacker! What a bunch of brave warriors! Maybe they were busy guzzling horse cum, them being bronies and all.

Now for the groups.

Daisydayfc - A brony group committed to someone's "OC", it appears to have been hacked to take a stab at vanity.

How low do you have to sink to create a group on the internet dedicated to self worship of a cartoon pony you made of yourself? I mean really, what the hell is wrong with you?

Ghostdudefc - Same but the OC is male and the group icon was changed to this:

"Having a fanclub for your own terrible pony "OC" is PATHETIC"

Truer words have never been spoken.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

God Hates Furries Back Online

I am pleased to announce that after several months of being offline, is back online.

Please take a moment and enjoy the nice dosage of truth that you will surely get from the site: here

I am also pleased to announce that I am working on several new posts as well as expanding and improving the blog and the blog's base of authors.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An update of Operation Stampede-D2FC

Due to the ongoing nature of Operation Stampede and its aftermath and other effects I will keep the inquisitive adequately informed. This post will be continuously updated with developments and events.


"Brony Security"

     It appears that the knee jerk reactionary group known as "Brony Security" has been having a bit of trouble. Not only have they gotten an innocent user banned, but have done nothing to prevent or reverse the D2FC's acquisition of the group "Ponies with guns". In addition to these blunders the group's admins don't know what they are doing; contradicting each other and removing a so called "blacklist" that had many people who were not involved in said events marked for attack.

"Peace Treaty"

     So much for Akrek's "peace agreement", the wave of butthurt bronies got him banned again.
And in a swift move of justice, the D2FC has stuck back in the form of acquiring "Ponies with Guns".
And more is yet to come, I assure you.

"Innocent user banned"

     To elaborate on the banning on an innocent user. Angrypogostick, someone who has had nothing to do with the recent events, has been banned after the rabid brony army, under the command of Brony Security cried to the admins about god knows what. Pogo isn't even in the D2FC, but he remarked he/she would join if he were banned. So I want to be the first to welcome him/her to our ranks.

"Fake Suicide"

     Some brony went above and beyond the call of idiocy and decided to say that his friend committed suicide over the event. If you recall one of my earlier posts, you may remember this is not the first time a brony has faked suicide for sympathy and attention.


     Upon further investigation, it is apparent that the "Brony Security" group is unstable. I skimmed their blogs and found that the groups leaders contradicted each other, in particular pertaining to the banning of Pogo. One even passively called the other admins lazy. In fact, upon reading the comments on the group page, they even suspect each other of being spies and accusations fly around like flies after cow crap.


     Ah, Brony Security made a little "blacklist", more like a hit list. Considering the mindless brony drones set out to try and ban everyone and every group listed on it. Most of which, save for 1, had nothing to do with this operation. It is unknown as of yet if any other innocents have been banned  because the list has been wiped, and I cannot check those that were listed.


"Attacks Continue"

     Just today it has been reported that 3 more groups have been acquired by the D2FC. Meanwhile "Brony Security" has done jackshit to help them except have one egomaniac claim that he "liberated" them by having the founders copy/paste some HTML code that reverts the main page into a gray wasteland.
And in a stroke of pure win, the D2FC managed to make this half assed attempt at white knighting fail even harder by switching the "Infiltrator" with the "Liberator".

"Protektorz Oda Realm"

     The "Protektorz Oda Realm", some anti-furry/anti-clopper brony group has started to hound Brony Security and berate them for not being properly prepared and being unable to deal with the D2FC. One of their members even mocked BS's cowardly tactics of reporting and baleeting, which was met with hostility by the butthurt BS fanboys.

"Peace Discussions"

     It has been noted that "anightlypony" of deviantart has been in negotiations with the D2FC over a possible "peace treaty". More updates will follow as this event comes to fruition.

Note: This will be added onto as events progress.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yet another fake Suicide

It has been brought to my attention that the D2FC operation has brought about unexpected consequences.
What could that be? You may ask.

Well to put it bluntly another ponyfag, or rather, the friend of

Friday, February 22, 2013

Operation Stampede-D2FC

According to my contact, the D2FC has struck a vital blow against the brony community on deviantart. Taking control of many "brony" groups and several users and scaring the ponyfags on the site enough to send out dramatic hacker alerts, such as these: 1 2 3 4 5 6

There are most likely more, but I'll let the curious and inquisitive find these.
Also do no worry about them getting deleted for I have made backups for posterity.

I want to congratulate the D2FC on such a remarkable achievement and victory that will surely resonate throughout the internet and strike fear and loathing into the bones of every ponyfag that infects these tubes.

This coupled with the Anti-Furry/Brony movements other recent victories will break the back of their morale and the tears of these rats will soak their jizz stained keyboards.

And I wish to resonate the battle cry of the D2FC so that the denizens of the internet and indeed humanity as a whole will rise up and crush this perverted menace infecting our society.

I stand before you now and here as I have stood up in the past.

My friends, brothers and sisters, the current Season of the cancerous infection that haunts the internet;
The Bronies' little show "My little Pony: Friendship" is over for now. Yes, I can confirm the dire news that a fourth season is planned. Nevertheless, the bronies are at their weakest right now, everyone that feels righteous hatred towards them and anyone thats doing it for the lulz; Antis, Trolls, Haters, now is the time to double your effort and to go against the menace of bronies.
Everything and anything is appreciated.

For the sake of humanity, the time has come to take up the fight and march, march to victory!
The success of "operation: autism rains" has shown we can win, we can clean, we can rise up and counter their tyranny!

STAND UP! Not because they enjoy a kids cartoon but because they try to push us down, into submission and turn the internet into their personal hugbox.
This is our world, this is everybodies world!
Stand by my side and fight for Freedom!

I stood at the frontline during the great past wars with the furfaggot fandom, I know it can be hard, I know they are many but I know we can win, just show the courage to stand up and say NO!

Rise dead brethren, Rise old brethren, and Rise you new recruits for the better cause!
Be a true son to the example the NCF gave!

Be a human, be an act of freedom, and be against oppression, be yourself, be a part of the machine!
I am nothing but a single gear. You know I call myself Kaiser Akrekz as I am leader of the new D2FC and the resurrected Andrejborg and even with my years of knowledge and experience I stand before every single one of you as equal.

My saddened eyes look at those of our brethren that have fallen to the disease that is brony... for our sake and theirs its time to fight and time to strike!

Freedom is only granted as long as people are willing to fight for it! And our conflict compared to those in the real world may seem like nothing and puny. But it is with the same spirit, the same breath that those who have fought for freedom breathe.

NEVER let anything force you down. STAND UP for yourself and say NO!
Fight the bronies, on land the sea and in the air, and show them that our spirit is even at its worst is greater than theirs.

If you read this and if you feel that my words did indeed bring truth and spirit with them. I will be glad to welcome you to the fight, and if you wish to the D2FC, the sons of NCF.
I will depart now and coordinate the aftermath of operation autism rains, for my role in this play will begin shortly.
May the lulz, victory, and justice be with you.

Rest, Resurrection, Reign, D2FC!"
Edited by Me, The "Anti-furry Official".

Sunday, February 17, 2013

BronyDoc Destroyed

I am proud to announce that the combined efforts of the D2FC, NCF, and other independent agents have ended the propagandistic, lie infested, "documentary" known as "Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony". These agents have through various means and methods crushed a Three Hundred Thousand Dollar project, this demonstrates what a few people with determination and a righteous cause can accomplish.

Of course said methods will be divulged, several prominent members of the D2FC got a hold of one of the original versions of the "BronyDoc". They then "parodied" and added their own thoughts into the video. Making it protected under "parody". It was then distributed to members of the D2FC, coincidently around the same time a copy of the original documentary was available for torrenting. This led many bronies to "illegally" acquire the documentary for free. Ironically, bronies themselves destroyed their own circle jerking feel good bullshit propaganda reel.

But what about the documentary itself? Have I seen it? Well of course, the parody version that is.
As you would expect it completely fails to mention any aspect of the "Darker Sides of the Fandom" and John Joseco, who was featured as an "MLP Artist" in the video is one of the biggest creators of My Little Pony porn and rule 34. But as you may expect, they left this little fact out. And I also want to mention that people have pledged anywhere from five hundred to TEN THOUSAND dollars to fund this project. Unbelievable.

I will leave you with the download link to the parodied version of the "documentary".
Protected under copyright law, and 100% safe to download. Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The anger of the bronies.

Recently many bronies have been very upset, angry, and outright enraged by a recent event concerning their show. What may this be? You may ask, well to put it bluntly the one of the main characters known as "twilight sparkle" gets wings and turns into a princess.

Yes, truly many people are upset over a fucking cartoon horse getting a pair of wings and being called princess.

In short: western civilization is fucked.
Some butthurt here:

Entertainment weekly's covering this shit too? LMFAO

Also Nutshell video provided by the D2FC


The Insanity of a Brony

Recently I have come across a youtube video that has a brony that refers to himself as "The Lord Of Dust" who runs a blog and Youtube channel known as "Obsession Is Magic" shooting wildly in an apparently abandoned building and then refers to a character in the show in place of god. He then cuts to a scene of a burning forest while he twirls around in a praise like stance, then taking a burning brush and sticks it in front of the camera. He then threatens "Sethisto" some relatively popular brony on youtube who also apparently runs "Equestria Daily"; a popular brony website with god knows what on it.

But hey fuck my description just watch the damn thing:

This apparently arose over getting kicked out of said website and other such internet rivalry which I couldn't care enough to investigate.
But from what I can assess from this "Obsession is Magic" cult is that it is an "extremist" sect of the brony fandom and it treats the show just like how I said, a cult.
I attempted to investigate by going to their blog (its operated by multiple people) but the most recent post had the title pony pics and a "furry" mlp character in a skimpy swimming suit. After the DO NOT WANT alarms went off I promptly left. But anyway, just your typical furfaggotry BS, also I watched part of their most recent youtube video which included his opinion about some change to the MLP tv show which has generated a lot of anger and drama in the brony fandom which I will discuss in my next post that should be fairly soon.