Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An update of Operation Stampede-D2FC

Due to the ongoing nature of Operation Stampede and its aftermath and other effects I will keep the inquisitive adequately informed. This post will be continuously updated with developments and events.


"Brony Security"

     It appears that the knee jerk reactionary group known as "Brony Security" has been having a bit of trouble. Not only have they gotten an innocent user banned, but have done nothing to prevent or reverse the D2FC's acquisition of the group "Ponies with guns". In addition to these blunders the group's admins don't know what they are doing; contradicting each other and removing a so called "blacklist" that had many people who were not involved in said events marked for attack.

"Peace Treaty"

     So much for Akrek's "peace agreement", the wave of butthurt bronies got him banned again.
And in a swift move of justice, the D2FC has stuck back in the form of acquiring "Ponies with Guns".
And more is yet to come, I assure you.

"Innocent user banned"

     To elaborate on the banning on an innocent user. Angrypogostick, someone who has had nothing to do with the recent events, has been banned after the rabid brony army, under the command of Brony Security cried to the admins about god knows what. Pogo isn't even in the D2FC, but he remarked he/she would join if he were banned. So I want to be the first to welcome him/her to our ranks.

"Fake Suicide"

     Some brony went above and beyond the call of idiocy and decided to say that his friend committed suicide over the event. If you recall one of my earlier posts, you may remember this is not the first time a brony has faked suicide for sympathy and attention.


     Upon further investigation, it is apparent that the "Brony Security" group is unstable. I skimmed their blogs and found that the groups leaders contradicted each other, in particular pertaining to the banning of Pogo. One even passively called the other admins lazy. In fact, upon reading the comments on the group page, they even suspect each other of being spies and accusations fly around like flies after cow crap.


     Ah, Brony Security made a little "blacklist", more like a hit list. Considering the mindless brony drones set out to try and ban everyone and every group listed on it. Most of which, save for 1, had nothing to do with this operation. It is unknown as of yet if any other innocents have been banned  because the list has been wiped, and I cannot check those that were listed.


"Attacks Continue"

     Just today it has been reported that 3 more groups have been acquired by the D2FC. Meanwhile "Brony Security" has done jackshit to help them except have one egomaniac claim that he "liberated" them by having the founders copy/paste some HTML code that reverts the main page into a gray wasteland.
And in a stroke of pure win, the D2FC managed to make this half assed attempt at white knighting fail even harder by switching the "Infiltrator" with the "Liberator".

"Protektorz Oda Realm"

     The "Protektorz Oda Realm", some anti-furry/anti-clopper brony group has started to hound Brony Security and berate them for not being properly prepared and being unable to deal with the D2FC. One of their members even mocked BS's cowardly tactics of reporting and baleeting, which was met with hostility by the butthurt BS fanboys.

"Peace Discussions"

     It has been noted that "anightlypony" of deviantart has been in negotiations with the D2FC over a possible "peace treaty". More updates will follow as this event comes to fruition.

Note: This will be added onto as events progress.


  1. i´d prefer to be refered to as andrejborg only if its necessary to involve my past

    i hate this name

    andrejborg was a fool who fell victim to his own issues
    i am akrekz reborn through the NCF

  2. Well hopfuly the peace treaty dosn't effect youtube.

  3. As i am Memeist the destroyer id like you to add what i did in this, seeing as how i have single handedly pissed of more than 100 bronies with one action

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