Thursday, May 16, 2013

God Hates Furries Back Online

I am pleased to announce that after several months of being offline, is back online.

Please take a moment and enjoy the nice dosage of truth that you will surely get from the site: here

I am also pleased to announce that I am working on several new posts as well as expanding and improving the blog and the blog's base of authors.


  1. What do you guys thimk furry are there not ALL crazed sex deviants do your reserch I'm not a furry and I think my little pony is horse shit

  2. Ps. Website was pretty easy to find just type in anti furry and scroll down and there it is anti furry blog u fail I don't like discramination against anyone I'm no furry here's my name have fun finding me on facebook

  3. Hmhmhmhm HAHAHAA biggest fictional character in Existence hates furries you dumb ass shit

  4. I love all the butthurt and childish acting furries and bronies on here are just as hypocritical as they claim this site and group is, not to mention to terrible grammar these "bronies and furries" say on here, makes me wonder if most are like 10-13 years old, lul. @Mikola Cell, I seen your name on here with reading the other blogs and I gotta say, your point is invalid good sir about jesus considering you don't wanna believe in him because you might feel dismayed or upset for your nasty actions with your fucked up festishes or god knows what else aaannnndddddd, there's a huge fucking difference in liking things and being cool with it, than slutting out the internet with disgusting shit of furrydom, and let's face another fact jackass, I can't even go on google images to look for good pictures of a character for a reference without someone posting a furry version of that character I like or a pony that looks like that character (AKA I love the game Slender, I despise the fact I see Slenderponies, or slenderman fucking a pony or him flying away with rainbow up his butt having a nosebleed over a ugly stupid blue fox thing) Best part is, I'm a girl and I can't stand fucking ponies or furries...this shit seriously has taken over the internet like shitty teen skins on minecraft. Seriously....EUUUUGGGHHHH!!!!!

    1. Lul? And you're the one saying the furries and brownies can't spell. Yes I am a furry but seriously? You say we can't spell THEN go and fuck up on spelling your self XD I'm sorry but you will be featured in my book, just so everyone can see how people, like yourself, fail at life. How ever, I am not 'butt-hurt' just quite displeased by the scociety of our world. I know humans dislike changes and don't accept them very well but if everyone continues to be like this towards furries you guys will offened the people, like I, who are related to the Cherokee and Apaché tribes. So with all do respect please consider what you post and what you wish to force into people's minds
      Thank you,

  5. Well you don't need to talk about it just ignore it plus furries are well ok many are few are not?
    I mean yeah i can say bronies don't make sense i mean its just a fucking pony version of every or anything.but a furry is more than that its different it has more to the fandom. I'm going to end it with saying i'm a furry and i'm 13 year old and most furries are in there 30's to 20's from studies.I don't think there's studies in bronies

  6. Meh- I didn't really like that site- if was full of lies and incorrect opinions! XD I find it funny that people actually believe what that guy writes on there. I mean really, he made about half that crud up and went on some disturbing yiff hunting to find perverted pictures! Somebody needs to get a life! XD But seriously, I really hate all the furries that ruined our fandom- it couldn't have just been a cool fandom about OCs and fursonas? Oh well, I do kinda like this site for attacking them- but make sure you're only attacking the perverted furries and bronies- because I'm not some sex-crazed idiot who looks up yiff and brony porn (it's jst sick and immoral like human porn).

  7. God bless you, gentleman.
    Yiff in hell, furfags.
    From- SEA.

  8. Broken homes+child abuse+parental neglect+arguing and fighting+divorce=FURRIES