Sunday, February 17, 2013

BronyDoc Destroyed

I am proud to announce that the combined efforts of the D2FC, NCF, and other independent agents have ended the propagandistic, lie infested, "documentary" known as "Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony". These agents have through various means and methods crushed a Three Hundred Thousand Dollar project, this demonstrates what a few people with determination and a righteous cause can accomplish.

Of course said methods will be divulged, several prominent members of the D2FC got a hold of one of the original versions of the "BronyDoc". They then "parodied" and added their own thoughts into the video. Making it protected under "parody". It was then distributed to members of the D2FC, coincidently around the same time a copy of the original documentary was available for torrenting. This led many bronies to "illegally" acquire the documentary for free. Ironically, bronies themselves destroyed their own circle jerking feel good bullshit propaganda reel.

But what about the documentary itself? Have I seen it? Well of course, the parody version that is.
As you would expect it completely fails to mention any aspect of the "Darker Sides of the Fandom" and John Joseco, who was featured as an "MLP Artist" in the video is one of the biggest creators of My Little Pony porn and rule 34. But as you may expect, they left this little fact out. And I also want to mention that people have pledged anywhere from five hundred to TEN THOUSAND dollars to fund this project. Unbelievable.

I will leave you with the download link to the parodied version of the "documentary".
Protected under copyright law, and 100% safe to download. Enjoy.


  1. they are still distrubiting the DVD however our vitory shows how thin the ice is those guys are standing on vimeo and the new D2FC webpage will also feature the BronyDoc

    1. Eh, I'm not worried. Who the fuck in their right mind would buy a DVD of that shit anyway? Especially when you can get it for free, legit. Hell they might even be using that bs piracy excuse as a way to justify them charging out the ass for a DVD of it.

  2. It's still on there you derps. =]>
    Imani Ravenpaw.