Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Insanity of a Brony

Recently I have come across a youtube video that has a brony that refers to himself as "The Lord Of Dust" who runs a blog and Youtube channel known as "Obsession Is Magic" shooting wildly in an apparently abandoned building and then refers to a character in the show in place of god. He then cuts to a scene of a burning forest while he twirls around in a praise like stance, then taking a burning brush and sticks it in front of the camera. He then threatens "Sethisto" some relatively popular brony on youtube who also apparently runs "Equestria Daily"; a popular brony website with god knows what on it.

But hey fuck my description just watch the damn thing:

This apparently arose over getting kicked out of said website and other such internet rivalry which I couldn't care enough to investigate.
But from what I can assess from this "Obsession is Magic" cult is that it is an "extremist" sect of the brony fandom and it treats the show just like how I said, a cult.
I attempted to investigate by going to their blog (its operated by multiple people) but the most recent post had the title pony pics and a "furry" mlp character in a skimpy swimming suit. After the DO NOT WANT alarms went off I promptly left. But anyway, just your typical furfaggotry BS, also I watched part of their most recent youtube video which included his opinion about some change to the MLP tv show which has generated a lot of anger and drama in the brony fandom which I will discuss in my next post that should be fairly soon.

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  1. >obsession is magic
    dang it boy that reminds me of times