Sunday, August 5, 2012

Furries Exposed

Howard Stern exposes furries and Wolfie interviews furries at furcon: 

inb4 raging paranoids/conspiracy nuts


  1. This is biased... the media just loves to find the few people out of thousands who are idiots don't they? (By the way, this is a really unreliable resource for furry information, so I suggest anybody watching this does not take ANYTHING in this video seriously at all... the furry fandom isn't even about zoophilia! Furries don't have a fetish for anthropomorphic animals...) And besides, almost every furry probably hates that weird foreign guy, why do you think he had enough time to be interviewed? Because nobody wanted to be near him! Seriously though, this is very, very incorrect about the furry fandom as a whole. Most people don't even wear their fursuits around that often anyway (if they even have one), they can reach up to 110 degrees in minutes! Ugh... why is this even a thing? Honestly....