Friday, November 16, 2012

Dog murdered by Furry Wolf Cult

A while back I stumbled across a news story about an individual that goes by the name of "Wolfie Blackheart". As you may have guessed that is not her real name, but her mild insanity is not the subject of this post. No, an even worse and more unfortunate event has come to pass, she essentially murdered a dog. Now this was not some vicious rabies infested Doberman or pit bull. This was a sweet innocent mutt, that was murdered then had his head chopped off by a sadistic bitch that thinks she's a wolf.

Her side of the story is of course bullshit, she says that her friend found the dog then he got hit by a car and for some reason she gave the body to Wolfie for "taxidermy" which is remotely believable. That is until you factor in this is just one of several versions of this story as well as the entire concept of chopping off a dead dogs head that you supposedly "loved" and "respected". And to add onto this, it was not the first charge of animal mutilation or neglect brought against this fiend. Oh and I nearly forgot to mention that there is a photo that she posted on the Internet of her blood soaked hand outstretched in front of her kitchen with Rigsby's head in it. Yes she claims innocence and that she has done nothing wrong and she posts a picture of a dogs severed head on the web. Bloody ironic ain't it?

And to add onto this perverts list of atrocities upon further investigation by police, she was found to have child pornography in her email. Of course she denied knowing anything about it and claimed it was sent by vengeful "internet people" but the thing is many of the images were of her friends and some were reportedly to do with "animalistic sexual interests", of course I do not know what this could entail but it leaves to the imagination.

Also someone believed to be the dog's owner created a youtube channel and a website dedicated to the lost dog and the hope that he would one day receive justice.
Link to Youtube Channel
Unfortunately the websites domain has expired.
Also there is a petition to request justice for rigsby, and unfortunately it has since closed.

And if you're interested here is a link to the fiend's youtube channel:  Channel
Please notice how her icon is her dressed as a emo wolf slut, no shame it seems...

Also with every psycho on the news these days there has to be an occult following saying "oh why don't u leave her alone she didn't do anything" no matter how hard the evidence smacks them in the face or how insane the person is. But hey don't let me just quote them let them speak for themselves.....

Link to both images orgin.
"Wolf girl" Are you fucking crazy? Also "u have no proof" you mean other than the crazy bitch holding the animal's severed head or admitting to cutting it off? "wolf law" Wow, didn't know animals could have laws. What a wing nut.

Wow, love how people that supposedly "love and protect animals" go absolute batshit when one of their cult idols is convicted of breaking one of their "sacred laws". Also notice how "nice" she is being to the dogs owner. "$10 says you've hurt more animals than Wolfie will in her entire lifetime!" And to make this statement especially ironic I will leave you with an image of Wolfie chewing on a deer's disembodied leg with hoof and fur still attached.


  1. Who gave you the power to associeate 1 fucknut who killed a dog with furrys

    1. Exactly thank you for pointing that out. R u a furry?

  2. This is the reason I dislike living in my city. Oh well, there's a weird part of every city.

  3. Meh wether or not he or she was a furry was not the cause of this dog's death. It's because she was a shitty human being that was already fucked up even before joining the fandom

  4. How the fuck can people be this pathetic.

  5. Why the hell do you care? You're just another uninteresting hater who hides in the internet and knows not one thing about the topics they hate on. x)

  6. Seriously these furries are sick in the fuckn head, like one gay couples tries to kill his parents and his fag boyfriend tries too bite off his dads dick off.