Friday, February 10, 2012

Examining a furry: Hidridking93 (real name unknown)

Note: In videos 6 and 7 he drops his dox.
If you are going to actually watch any of these videos watch those two.

Hidridking93 is a certifiable lunatic, a typical furry. You'll notice he mentions he's a "christian" in many of the videos, like many of those that would use religion as a shield to disguise and justify their perversions; akin to the pedophile prophets that run Wako style cults. (Have had problems with embedding them, I apologize.)

1.  : Talks about his old account (superjazzatron) getting hacked and complains about it while continually saying 'you'll go to hell, you'll burn in hell' etc.
On a side note, the person who hacked his old account was kind enough to let some of his search results loose.
Take a note at what he was looking for and this will affirm the perversion of this sick individual:

2.   : Again talks about his account has been hacked, and complains about his videos being "stolen" despite only one of "his" videos being uploaded to that channel.

3. : Talks about fireworks, and other things I couldn't care enough about to mention.

4.  : Spends a good minute listening to some inaudible music, then talks about a 'furry' show he basically worships. Then talks about uploading a video he basically put no work into himself. He then complains about being trolled and makes a pathetic attempt at ranting while using his "girlfriend is in a gang" as a response to some of the cruel but true comments he's been getting.

5.  : Brace your ears, he blasts a loud rock song while mumbling in the background for the first half of the video. Then talks about how "Christian" he is, despite being a self-proclaimed "bisexual" and being caught without his bible (which he DEFINITIVELY reads). Then 'defends' himself against homosexual-bisexual stereotypes . After that, he lists all the ways you can go to hell, then admits to doing some of the very things he says condemns you to hell. So, IS he going to hell? That's for god to decide.

6.  : He starts out in his den of darkness then flips on the light to reveal a poorly lit and small room. He then shows off his terrible artwork, and brags about playing guitar hero. Finally, he shows off little gadgets he wastes his money on instead of living in a REAL house.

7.  : MY PERSONAL FAVORITE. In this video he claims to be a vampire and threatens to drinks peoples' blood. He also flings insults at 'trolls' despite whining in earlier videos about himself getting insulted. A typical moron that thinks because someone doesn't like them or their fucked up lifestyle, they're a "troll" and full of hate, along with all those other insults. He then tries to akin Disney characters and Mascots to furries, and claims 'without furries there would not be any childrens' shows or any Disney Land'. He then tells of how he and other furries will 'kick the shit' out of people that don't like furries "just to see the pain in your eyes when I do it." Not very Christian-like or peaceful, is he?
He then re-affirms his first threat that he will "bite you" (trolls, I'm guessing). He finishes with more vague threats and a peace symbol to his friends, a very ironic ending in my opinion.

8. : His final video, he starts with 'oh my last video was weird, but fuck it'. He then tells us he's doing good in school. After which he scans the comments on his last video and whines at his computer for not doing what he wants it too. He lets it slip that he told gave his teacher his youtube account name. He then denies that several confirmed zoophiles are into having sex with animals. However there is a lot of information to their perversions and if you wish to confirm or find such information, then look it up on google. He then spends the rest of the video mumbling to himself while scanning and reading comments on his channel and videos.

Well, there you have it. A perfect example of the typical and common furry, for all the world to see and ridicule.



    1. 2 days and nothing has happened.
      I will remove his 'personal info' and replace some vulgar terms, but in general terms, I will not back down.
      And might I recommend you unhide this pic. I nearly ignored it because I had to create a gd account to see it.

  2. Why do you hate on furry fans so much? We didnt do anything to you, and you tend to lump us all into one group of sickos. Every community has its fair share of sick wierdos and such. There is no need to spread such hate as you do. The only truly "sick" thing I'm witnessing from this blog is all the hate you're spreading and the anti-tolerance toward fans of a style of animation.