Monday, May 30, 2011

First Day/If you don't know what a furry is....

Hello everyone! Its my first day blogging and I'm here for one purpose and reason only, and that is to remove the infectious disease that is the furry menace. If you don't know what a furry is and your under 13 I STRONGLY advise you not to find out. But if you're not I will list some reliable sources. Don't be scared by the title (its basically an attention grabber) Here you can find safe, reliable, first-hand examples about furries and their websites, communities, and who they are. (The webmaster is a bit mean and crude, but all he says and shows is true) A very trustworthy and welcoming website, in addition to finding solid facts on furries you can also find anti furry resources. (free print offs)

And for those of you that want to hear my definition of a furry: A Furry is some one (some consider themselves animals, or part animal) that makes any form of *art about, pretends to be, dresses as, an anthromorphic animal(an animal with human characteristics, such as the ability to walk, talk, etc.) and considers themselves part of the furry fandom.
*Some are excluded from this because they do not want to be considered apart of them in any way, shape, or form.

     Now you may be asking "What's wrong with that?" Well if you go to google images and search furry on Moderate or worse yet, no safe search and have a look through the page, you will be shocked and appaled by this filth. And to think what if my son/grandson/brother/sister/daughter/granddaughter looks up thier favorite cartoon and sees this?! And to add to this horror these people engage in sexual acts with animals and people dressed in basically what is a mascot costume!
     This is CLEARLY a mental/psychological disorder and this subculture MUST be stopped before it gets into the "spotlight" of politics and media and get recognition as a group(ethnic, religious, etc.)(Which it won't)
     Do you want to live in a world where you have to stand for someone dressing up as a wolf and calling him/herself darkwolfawesome or some other dribble and then see them chasing a squirrel around your neighborhood and then celebrate killing it by having an orgy with all his/her "wolf" friends?
Feedback and comments are appreciated.


  1. A furry is someone who is a fan of anthropomorphic animals. Some also participate in zoomorphic roleplay to generate a sense of anthropomorphism, but this is not specific to furries.

    Therians are people who believe they are an animal (or can change into one; or are one in spirit) or believe they are somehow related to animals in any way shape or form. This is rarely a sexual thing. Therians usually have something called a "theriotype" which is basically what the "therian" believes themselves to be or look like as an animal; it is their "animal persona".

    However, some furries also have a similar "device" known as a fursona (the term is a portmanteau between "furry" and "persona"), it is a character that resembles themselves or sometimes just a character they could possibly "roleplay" as during a "roleplay" game (especially online). The majority of fursonas are quadrupedal in nature since a large part of "furries" that also like "roleplaying as animals", would rather "roleplay as a talking animal" rather than "roleplay as an animal that stands on two legs". Which is quite understandable, as an escapist, you may well rather be more animal than human when roleplaying as an anthropomorphic animal. Nonetheless, some people would rather some more human abilities in roleplay, thus their fursonas are upright and can walk, can be customisable, etc. A common form of fursona amongst teenagers and younger children/adults is the "sparkledog", which is like an upright fursona (can be covered in fashionable items, given unnatural colors for fun and originality, etc), but it's on all fours. I should mention, obviously not all animals (naturally) have legs or even walk quadrupedal.

    Commonly a furry fan may refer to themselves as a "furry" just because they like art depicting such characters; or because they roleplay as a fursona (an anthropomorphic animal is most often referred to as a "furry" in web speech).

  2. There is a difference between a definition of something, and what IT REALLY IS. Labels can be 'misread' as many furries say of their reputation, and while the definition from YOUR SOURCE(S) does not fit the bill. The ones I find are spot on.

  3. You clearly don't know what a furry is. Both of the websites you claim are safe and reliable are biest and focus on only negitive aspects of the 'fandom'.
    Your definition of a furry is pretty miserable too. I've heard "belive they are part animal" so many times. Have you ever met a furry in real life and bothered to listen. Probally not.
    The only way to fully understand anything is to have a clear and open mind.
    The internet is a bad place to look for evidence because unfortunetly sex, violence and negitive images sell well.

    1. His definition is better than the vague stool that furries usually come up with. And its not like your comment provided any value to this blog, "Neo Fox".