Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Well apparently we're all furries

It has come to my attention that some if not most or all furries state that "if you watch cartoons with talking animals (even disney cartoons) then your a furry." Ha, it is sad and desperate to claim that nearly everyone is in your sick little cult. To bring such an inoccent childish thing to defend your sick obsession; just affirms the fact that you're mentally corrupt. And those of you who are not obsessed with animals I suggest you show your anti-furry support by joining an anti-furry group or even "trolling" their websites.

Added 6/25/2012
Or better yet, "troll" them on the websites that you already use. Heaven knows that I do not venture onto their sites for fear of seeing something I cannot unsee. And if you look through my other posts, you will see that I have made that mistake once and the experience was unpleasant indeed.


  1. According to the definition, you are.

    In Dutch, "human" translates to "menselijk". However, you might not of known this, according to the Dutch you still "art" a "menselijk", however it is not in your language.

    "Furry" is just like that, it's a web term you "choose" to use once you know "what" it means that was used by '80s computer users as a nickname for funny/talking animals characters found in comics and cartoons, etc (aka anthropomorphic animals as most people call them these days). Notice that "furry" is a shorter than any other word that means the same thing; on a QWERTY keyboard f+u+r+r+y was extremely quick and easy to type. Another example is "LOL", which is also extremely easy to type on a computer keyboard.

    1. ...and thank you for the worthless bit of info.

  2. And heaven knows that you're sinning by saying these stuff.