Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Looking at a furry website.

Looking at a furry website (furaffinity) in the browse section for images, I see: 4 images with obvious sexual content (porn), 2 images with grotesque violence (blood and gore), and 2 suggestive images (bunny women in tight clothes) out of... about 14 images. And then they say they aren't perverts.... I was able to see these AWFUL things without even having an account! There is no age restriction! No censorship! I advise you to steer clear of these websites to insure your faith in humanity remains intact.


  1. you say of there is no control but if you look por ''xxx'' in there is no control too; if you look for volence, drugs or something else you found it...

    my english it's not very well... i'm sorry

    1. There is this wonderful feature that is a part of the settings for google known as "safe search". I advise you research this and learn about it before speaking again.

    2. There's safe search on FurAffinity ya know?

  2. The internet is full of sex.
    It's not just "furry", in fact the majority of people who consider themselves "furries" don't even use furry websites or affiliate themselves directly with the fandom.

    Also, furaffinity, as I hear is for 13+. Upon registering, you can CHOOSE whether you want to view mature or adult artwork. Moderators prevent erotic art / porn slipping past the filters so if you saw anything it was a) a mistake; or b) you enabled the viewing of sexual/mature content.

    Bare in mind that real artists take much more time on their "fandom art" and the majority of "rubbish material" that is fed into such websites is generally a) low quality in nature, and b) uploaded by amateurs who don't understand what anthropomorphism or the furry fandom is all about. So what you get is perverts uploading "shit tier" porn (it's the term generally used) and general "fan art" of cartoons, shows, comics, original content, etc. It's unfortunate and a sad part of all things on the internet. But if say, a government were to censor such things, people in general would have their freedoms limited. I'm pretty sure 7/10ths of the internet is pornographic. Perhaps you should google "Rule 34", that'll give you some hints into what some perverts put on the internet.

    "Furry" was never intended to be an "art genre", so be cautious of anyone calling themselves "furry artists"; it most often means they're either furry fetishists or simply call themselves that in short of "anthropomorphisation artist" (this is especially the case for those who make "fan art" of mainstream products featuring anthropomorphic animals).

    Also, believe me, there's more people who dress in cat costumes at adult bars and clubs than there is people who treat the whole "anthropomorphism" idea as a fetish. Besides, dressing up as a cat is not anthropomorphism, it is zoomorphism! (Anthromorphism is something becoming like a human; zoomorphism is human becoming like something non-human; of course in this context that "something" is "non-human animal species")

    In fact, for most furries, the fandom is all about "connecting to their inner child". This may be accomplished by collecting comics, cartoon series, animations, live action films, etc "pertaining" to "anthropomorphism" (and sometimes even "zoomorphism" or "fantasy creature").

    Alas, the furry fandom is smaller than it seems.
    Beneath all the anthropomorphic, kemono and zoomorphic porn that masks itself as "furry", there is a genuine ring of geeks and eccentrics who simply appreciate anthropomorphism. There's not actually that many in this world that even appreciate the subject of anthropomorphism "directly", they just take it for granted, and there's nothing wrong with that.

    In the end of all my words, I agree that there is a lot of porn in the fandom. But it is a fandom, not a genre. It is exploitable and "furry" is different in everybody's eyes. Don't take things too seriously. See something you like? Appreciate it. Don't use furry as a label. Though, "furry" is a cute word, though, I'd say.

    1. 1. I never mentioned or even hinted that the government should regulate such things. Why did you bring it up?

      2. The fact that this garbage is created in the first place is inexcusable.

      3. I like how you threw in porn with all the other art of the 'furry fandom'.

      4. Oh, like I don't know about 'rule 34' and all the other internet-esque things you mentioned.

      5. It seems you argued with yourself for most of your... what I would call an essay of a response about the is furry a culture,fandom,genre? arguement that I have not mentioned.

  3. @ AN Silver
    Petty justifications from a sick and corrupt mind.
    You base much of what you stated off of pure speculation and not hard evidence, this is reason enough not to listen to the garbage you have spouted on here.

    1. I will begin by saying I myself am a furry. I don't intend to defend the fandom because of any sort of bias, and I'm not here to troll you, because I am genuinely interested in having an intelligent conversation, if you're willing to even try. I noticed that you very brashly neglected to acknowledge most of what 'AN Silver' said. You seemed to lash out at them just for so much as disagreeing with you. S/he was just wrong in your eyes, and that was that.

      Where are you getting your facts? What sort of research do you have to back your spiteful opinions of the fandom?

      I joined Furaffinity recently, so I will count this as hard evidence. I could even go as far as to give you my account name if you want proof. It's actually true that you can filter out all that porn and shit. There are three filtering levels: General (13+), General-Mature (artistic nudity and scantily-clad characters are allowed, without suggestive themes), and Mature, which I nearly vomited upon viewing the artwork for only - without exaggeration - a few seconds. So at least we know that there are furries out there with enough concience to respect the younger minority of the fandom and filter out all that.

      I joined the fandom because I live with the mindset that it's a fandom, not a lifestyle. Furries have even come up with the term 'lifestyler' for those few furries who actually wear furry costumes ('fursuits') out in public places like restaurants, some even making animal noises, and taking every chance that they can to openly advertise their fandom like a walking billboard. These 'lifestylers' are often avoided by others - even by a lot of other furries. I would know, being a furry myself and having furry friends.

      There are so many facets to the furry fandom that it's almost impossible to generalize it, whether saying it's bad or good. There are furries that are into BDSM, Bestiality, Porn, etc, etc... And then there are the level-headed furries that are simply in it because drawing cartoon animals, dressing up in costumes at conventions and entertaining children is fun.

      You kind of have to be in the fandom for a while before you can form your overall opinion of it. To me, the fandom is fun, but it definitely has a dark side. All media does - furry or not. I can't justify the furries that have sick minds, but why hate them all? Is it because you think that these few apples spoil the bunch?

      I look forward to your feedback.

    2. It's pretty easy to call any sort of defense a "petty justification", so saying that really doesn't mean much. Also, you seem to base your entire blog off of pure speculation, with no actual evidence whatsoever. This entire site is based on your opinion, so how can anyone fight this site with facts anyways? I won't argue against that there is no reason to listen to said "garbage" that is spouted out of any furry's thoughts, but really, there's no reason top listen to your garbage either. There is no way to win this. Of course, you want to think that you've won by posting the last comment, but in reality, nobody wins, and believe me, there is nothing you can do about it. I know that responding to a hater like you isn't worth my time (is it worth anybody's?), but I just wanted to get that in your head while you think of some irrational insult to throw back at me. And also, just as an afterthought, being a part of the furry fandom makes us happy, and it's not hurting anybody, so it's really none of your concern at all.

  4. Hmm, i just did a search like the poster right now and found not 1 pornographic image with safe search off. Even if there were any, how the hell would it affect you? O and by the way, furaffinity DOES have an age restriction that requires you to make an account and even then has a filter if you want it. You see more suggestive stuff on the evening news for Christ sake.

  5. you must be registered to see a porn there, you furfag...